April 7, 2023 - New Psych Trail Mix Blog Post: Back To The Land: The Mystical, Bewitching Psych of The Perth County Conspiracy (part 2)

March 22, 2023 - New updates today:

-New live show audio download; Helios Creed - DC Space, April 2, 1990
    -Note: FULL live DC Space show recently unearthed at above link - download includes full audio recording & a live video

-New photographs; HC & James Brown, Helios in France 1995, Uptown Backstage 1991, Helios & Damon 1, Helios & Damon 2
    -Note: view all new photographs on Page 5 of the photo gallery

-New Article: Alien Soundtracks: The Birth Of American Spacerock

-New Flyers: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11
    -Note: view all new flyers in Flyers section

-New Poster: European Tour Poster

-New Memorabilia; signed Dark Side Of the Sun cd, signed AMREP promo photo, Helios & Damon painting, UFO vag fan art
    -Note: view all new memorabilia in the Memorabilia section

-New Lyrics: Scaropy

-New Odds & Ends: AMREP Mini Mag

-Misc; Kiss To The Brain ad added to Kiss To Brain page, Half Machine Lips Moves sex ad added to HMLM page, upgrade to Z Vertigo flyer

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September 9, 2022 -
New Psych Trail Mix Blog Post: Back To The Land: The Mystical, Bewitching Psych of The Perth County Conspiracy (part 1)

August 6, 2021 - New Psych Trail Mix Blog Post: These Trails: Continuing The Quest For Inner-Peace In A World Gone Mad

July 16, 2021 - A few new updates today:

-New Interview: Incredible Shrinking Fanzine - 1994

-New Photos; Helios Creed live at Duffy's in Lincoln, NE 1988-1989; #1, #2, #3

-New Flyers; with Frightwig, with Big Jesus Trash Can

-Misc; Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) with Helios Creed t-shirt added to Independent Worm Saloon page and the Fiz Magazine page, Cassette tapes added to Lactating Purple page

April 23, 2021 - New Psych Trail Mix Blog Post: These Trails Run The Coastline And Elevate My Head

April 16, 2021 - New updates for this evening, see details of all new stuff below:

-New live show audio downloads; Chrome - Atlanta, GA - June 4, 2018, Helios Creed - DC Space, April 2, 1990

-New live video: 2017 Tour Shows

-Batch of new photos: Chrome live in Cincinnati 1998; #1, #2, #3, #4, Helios Creed live in Bremen 1993; #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, Helios on his bus in Seattle, WA 1989; #1, #2, #3, #4, Helios with the Hanes brothers 1997, promo photos for X-Rated Fairy Tales,  random photo of Helios at a trashed party

-New book: Chrome - The Story of Pat Stevens

-New interview: Under The Volcano - #22 1994

-New flyers: Mercury Cafe, I-Beam SF, Chrome 2018 U.S. Tour Dates

-New poster: Acid Reign

-New memorabilia: Signed Planet X With Drawing By Helios

-Misc; New Ad For Superior Catholic Finger, Upgrade To DC Space Flyer, Raw photos and show memories added for Rennes, France 1995; #1, #2, #3, upgrade to poster for a show with Genesis P. Orridge, Baltimore 2018 backstage photo , hear Rey Washam speak about his experience playing with Helios on Boxing The Clown, upgrade to flyer for Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco 2002

July 3, 2020 - New Psych Trail Mix Blog Post: Quarantined Psych Dreams; Four Sail Arthur Lee Mix, Private Press Holy Grails, Rolling Thunder & More!

June 12, 2020 - It has been quite a while since this site has been updated, but there's some real choice nugs in tonight's update to make up for it, see below details of all updates:

-EXCELLENT full live show audio download; Helios Creed - April 9, 1992, Chicago, IL

-Full live show video download;  Chrome - April 14, 1998, Lincoln, NE (master source recently obtained!)

-New Photo; Chrome - Live In Portland, OR 1998

-New Odds & Ends; 'Chrome Communications' mailers sent to fan 1997

-New Memorabilia; Nik Turner Space Ritual '94 ticket stub

-New Posters; upgrade to Helios Creed w/Crust, upgrade to Boxing The Clown , upgrade to Lactating Purple

*FYI - New Psych Trail Mix Blog post coming within the next couple weeks - keep an eye out for more frequent updates to this site


March 15, 2019 - Some amazing updates today that I'm happy to share with Chrome fans. Spring right around the corner, what better way to kick off than with some Chrome & Helios Creed? Full details of this update below:

-2 FULL live video downloads of excellent balcony-shot shows from last year's Chrome tour of the U.S. - Chicago, IL, 3-26-18, and Rock Island, IL 3-27-18 - both HIGHLY recommended beautiful visual documents of shows from the last full U.S. Chrome tour

-New photos; Chrome live in Chicago '98: #1, #2, #3, #4, Helios with Nik Turner Space Ritual '94: #1, #2, #3

-New Odds & Ends; rare Chrome Newsletter from 1981
, Butthole Surfers cover Chrome live in Austin, Texas

-New flyers; with Galaxy Chamber, with Surgery 91, Chrome at Milestone Club, at Hotel Utah: #1 & #2, with Nik Turner's Hawkwind: #1 & #2

-New poster: with Vertigo

-New Memoriabilia: Helios Creed & Fuzzhead ticket

-Misc; images for promo "Exodus" music video VHS added to Activated Condition page, various images of original Chrome Box added to the Chrome Box set LPs page

November 16, 2018

July 13, 2018
- Loads of updates and upgrades today including; full live video downloads, 2 new audio recordings for download as well as ALL audio recordings being upgraded to lossless FLAC files, new photos, flyers, posters, memorabilia, articles, interviews (including audio), and more! See below for details of all tonight's updates:

-2 FULL live video downloads from the recent U.S. Chrome tour; Philadelphia, PA 5-31-18, and Atlanta, GA 6-4-18 - both vids are full hi-res video file downloads. I hope to offer more full DVD's/videos for download in the future.

-2 new live audio recordings for download; incredible soundboard recording of Chrome - Los Angeles, 3-14-00, and live recording from recent tour of Chrome - Philadelphia, PA, 5-31-18
**NOTE: ALL audio recordings have been switched from 320K MP3 to lossless FLAC files! - So if you want to upgrade the shows you've previously downloaded, head over to the Audio section and snag the lossless files!

-2 audio recordings of interviews while the band was on-the-road for the recent Chrome tour; Chrome interview from Eagle 98.1 rock station, and Chrome interviews with both Steve Fishman & Helios Creed from WMFU in New Jersey added to the Interviews section

-5 new articles; great article from Chicago Reader 2003, Baltimore City paper 1994, Chrome's Legacy of Inspired, Dystopian, Industrial Psychedelia, An Introduction to Chrome and San Francisco's 1970s Art Punk Scene, and Loving The Alienation

-Loads of new photos; outdoor party in Texas 2005, playing with Jeff Pinkus 2005, with Fabienne Shine at SXSW 2006, MANY photos from recent full U.S. Chrome tour; waffle house, smokestack IHOP 'murica, Helios with son Eric, Cactus Club, Baltimore show, sold out Brooklyn show, live in Philadelphia, live in New Orleans, too many to list here! - Go to Page 5 of the Photo Gallery to check out all the new photos added including loads of them from the recent full U.S. Chrome tour - the first in 20 years!

-Hours of New Video From recent U.S. Chrome tour; check out the 2018 section of the videos page to view all the video clips added

-About a dozen new flyers; Echoplex 2018, Arizona 2018, Cleveland 2018, Brooklyn 2018... too many to list here, check out the Flyers page to see all the new show flyers added

- New Memorabilia; Chrome tattoo design, Portland setlist, signed 2018 tour poster, 2018 Brooklyn setlist

-A couple new photos added to the Texas Party 2005 page

-Misc: detailed PDF of 1994 Tour Itinerary, couple adverts added to Baltimore, MD live '94 vid and Baltimore, MD live 94 audio pages, new images added to the Teriyaki Asthma compilation page

-New poster: St. Louise 2018

February 16, 2018
-  Plenty of updates tonight including a new Psych Trail Mix blog post, photos, flyers, memorabilia & more! See below for details of all tonight's updates:


-New Photos: live in Rennes, France 1995: #1, #2, #3, live in Cincinnati 92/93, live in New Jersey 1991 - check these all out on PAGE 5 of the photo gallery

-New Flyers: Seattle 2006, with Firehose in Arizona, Rock For Recycling, with Pressurehed at The Shamrock

-New Memorabilia: Nik Turner's Hawkwind show ticket, Clockwork Orange Helios t-shirt

-News Clippings added about Hole opening for Helios Creed on "Kurt Cobain Plays Helios' Guitar" info page

-Images of Betamax Chrome video added to Chrome - Target VHS page

-Album Insert added to X-Rated Fairy Tales page

**ALERT: CHROME is touring soon! Leg 1 has been announced, leg 2 will be announced shortly (and uploaded here as soon as available), check out info for the first leg of the tour below:

November 3, 2017
- First off: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HELIOS CREED, the undisputed KING of psychedelic acid-punk guitar! Small update today, but some great stuff including new audio recording of an interview with Helios, photos, articles and more. See below for details and links to all of today's updates:

-New Interview with Audio: recording of Helios interviewed for Lucifer Over LA radio show

-New Articles: great early Chrome article from NME, Chrome special in Mojo Magazine

-New Photos: Helios with reissue of "Ghost Machine," recent live photo of Chrome, couple new photos added to the Texas 2005 ranch party Helios played at

-Misc: Nik Turner - Sphynx signed by Helios Creed & others, another image of poster showing Helios Creed & Butthole Surfers gig

August 1, 2017
- August 1, 2017 - New blog entry added to Psych Trail Mix Blog: LOVE - FOUR SAIL: ARTHUR LEE'S UNDERRATED HARD-PSYCH MASTERPIECE
Spent a lot of time on this as you'll see that it's a lengthy one. Posted on AUGUST 1st for a reason ;-) Check it out!

June 17, 2017
- Ok, LONG time since the site was updated, but a lot has been accumulated since then. There's new video, memorabilia, flyers, posters, loads of new photos from the last Chrome European tour and more, weird odds n' ends type items. I think the wait will be worth it - LOTS to browse as far as new Chrome/Helios stuff! Details of all updates below:

-New Video; Chrome at Great American Music Hall in SF 1998, Helios Creed at Nick's in Philadelphia, PA 1999, Helios Creed at Memory Lane in Baltimore, MD in 1994, another vid added to when David Yow of Scratch Acid joined Helios on-stage to do guest vocals for "TV As Eyes" (FULL performance surfaced)

-Tons of new Photos; July 2015: 1, 2, & 3, Aleph Keith Helios @ start of Euro Tour, Helios with Iommi cutout, Helios signs Red Exposure, mustard dawwwwg!, Helios signs merch in Salzburg, Chrome live in Salzburg: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7, Chrome live in Bologna: 1 & 2, Chrome live at Rockhouse Bar, Helios with European fan, Chrome live in Berlin: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, backstage with fans, European fans, Chrome live in Zurich: 1, 2, 3 & 4, Helios with LSD record, Chrome live in Belgium: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13, Chrome live in Philadelphia 1998: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7, Helios with new Chrome album, Helios with Mojo Magazine
, the band hanging out with Martin Rev of Suicide & Lydia Lunch! - there's all the individual links to the new photos from tonight's update, or browse all at your leisure on Page 4 of the Photo Gallery

-New Odds & Ends; Gene Simmons tries to steal Chrome band name!

-New Flyers; April 1992 at Blind Pig, with Surgery early 90's, Transdimentional Doorway 1, Transdimensional Doorway 2, with Surgery at Cannibal club, July 4th celebration gig, with Death of West, Hooka Smokin' Caterpillar, Covered Wagon 1989, Techromancy Release Party

-New Memorabilia; signed Chrome box, signed setlist from recent Euro Tour, Chrome with Bardo Pond ticked stub
, Chrome merch tables from recent tour

-Misc; behind-the-scenes footage of Helios listening to found old Chrome recordings added to Half Machine From The Sun page, trippy outtake from Spider Prophecy called "Witchdiktor" discovered - an instrumental with Helios' searing psychedelic guitar leads front anc center, amusing promo ad for Activated Condition, Butthole Surfers mention Helios Creed in interview, poster & other swag added to page for 'Teriyaki Asthma' - the compilation that featured Nirvana, Helios Creed & others

-New Album: Chrome - Techromancy

**NEWS: Word is that there's a U.S. Chrome tour planned for the very near future! This is exciting to all of us out here on the east coast who have craved our live dose of the 'Los for nearly a decade! I will post updates here as I hear them!**

May 20, 2017
- The Psych Trail Mix Blog has officially launched! After 10 printed issues of the fanzine, Psych Trail Mix will continue as a blog. There are already a few posts up - go check it out!
*NOTE: Big update of more Helios Creed material to the site in the very near future, keep your third eye peeled.

July 8, 2016
- A long overdue SWEET update to to the site here; a totally badass live show audio recording for download, loads of great new photographs, new articles, new posters, Chrome sketches, new flyers & more. Details of all updates below:

-Audio download of an old live show including CD Art: Live in Lincoln, Nebraska 1999

-Loads of new photographs; acid-drenched Helios, Helios holding recently reissued album "The Last Laugh", 19 great photographs from Emos in Austin, Texas 2003: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 - just a few of these amazing live photos from this show - to see all of them go to Page 4 of the Photo Gallery section

-New Video: September 17, 1991 at the Shamrock in Los Angeles, CA

-New Flyers; April 1992 show, Austin 1989 show

-New Poster; Room 710, Austin, Texas 2005

-New Articles; various press for Feel It Like A Scientist, Lactating Purple album review from Spin Magazine, SXSW show ad, Kurt Cobain plays Helios Creed's guitar, Chrome article from Wire Magazine 2001

-New Odds & Ends; Chrome - live in London sketches

-New Memorabilia; Helios' note to a fan

-Misc: audio of song "Boxing The Clown" added to Endangered Species compilation page, Chrome collage from Slash Magazine review of Half Machine Lip Moves

-New entry to Live Experiences; various live reviews from Chrome - 2014 Europe Tour

April 29, 2016 - Psych Trail Mix - Issue #10
is officially released! I encourage you to please purchase one of the limited edition copies with glossy front and back cover - order details here. LOADS of great exclusives including an interview with the Godfather of psychedelic-rock music, TOMMY HALL of the 13th Floor Elevators! Full PDF available to view here. Again, if you enjoy the content within, please support this independent (completely - you'll notice no ads within) fanzine and purchase one of the print copies with glossy color front and back covers.

September 25, 2015 - Psych Trail Mix - Issue #9 - Butthole Surfers Special is now officially released! Please support if you can and buy a print copy - order details HERE
along with a preview video! Full PDF available HERE

September 3, 2015 - It's been quite a long time since there has been an update, but hopefully this makes up for it. Lots of new stuff; a new live show for download, new lyrics, new photographs, more flyers, additions to the memorabilia page, more "live show experiences" write-ups, lots of new articles and interviews, and more video! Details below:

-Audio download of an old live show including CD Art: Live in Enger, Germany 1990  - For instructions on how to print the cd art for a jewel case see this page

-Some interesting new video footage: Helios joining Nik Turner onstage in 2013, another excellent fan-created video from Austria 2014, nicely shot video from the Chrome Europe 2014 tour of the Hamburg show, some clips of David Yow (Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard) doing guest vocals on "TV As Eyes" at a recent Chrome show in L.A. , great video of "Danger Zone" from July 2015 Chrome show in San Francisco

-Bunch of new photographs: Helios & Z in Hollywood 90's, Helios at the Cashbah in San Diego circa 1990, Helios at a Jello Biafra spoken word performance in 2003, live at the Underworld in London 1993 - #1, #2, #3, Chrome at the Euclid Tavern in 1998 - #1, #2, Helios Creed & David Yow (Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard), more great photos from Staches in Columbus 1990 - #1, #2, #3, #4, great photo from recent Chrome tour July 2015 - Check out all these great photos on Page 3 and the gallery had made it to Page 4!

-New Interviews: Fear And Loathing zine 1993, Fear And Loathing zine 2014

-New Articles: old Damon Edge article from early Chrome days, Last Laugh review from Lowlife zine, Last Laugh review from Unhinged zine, Nothing Wrong 7" review from Lowlife zine, Last Laugh review from Slitbreeze zine, Seattle Weekly show ad, Planet X review from Alright zine

-New Flyers: with the Bags, Salt Lake City from "Deep Blue Love Vacuum" tour, gig at the Chatterbox in SF late 80's, gig with Black Sun, recent show with Galaxxy Chamber in SF - #1, #2, cool flyer from Oakland's show during "Deep Blue Love Vacuum" tour, upgrade of the Love 666 flyer at Rockcandy
, Belgium 2014, North Star Bar in Philadelphia, PA

-New Poster: Chrome Pledge Poster

-New Memorabilia: signed poster from 2014 Europe tour, setlists from 2014 Europe tour - #1, #2, Alien Soundtracks pin, Chrome refrigerator magnet

-New entries to the "Live Show Experiences" section: live at the Redwood in L.A. 2010, live in Los Angeles 2015

-New Lyrics; Prophecy, Lady Feline, Something In The Cloud, Unbreakable Floride Lithium Plastic, Big Brats

-Miscellaneous Items: advert for Last Laugh album, alternate cover for Chrome Target Video VHS tape, insert from Red Exposure album, advert from Slash Magazine 1978 for Alien Soundtracks, advert for Deep Blue Love Vacuum album, back of the Deep Blue Love Vacuum vinyl

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December 12, 2014
- BUTTHOLE SURFERS SPECIAL of Psych Trail Mix - Issue #9 - taking pre-orders now. Limited copies available. Snag it while you can. Click for details!!!

July 25, 2014 - HUGE update and UPGRADE to the site! All the graphics have been re-done on every page of the site, so check those out. Also, new and old show footage, THREE live shows for download, lots of new and old photographs, new interviews including audio downloads of some, new flyers and posters, lyrics and more - details on all below:

-LOADS of new video, both new and old: Seattle 1990, Seattle 1992, Belgium 1993 (including acoustic "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" footage!), Chrome in San Francisco 1998, LOTS of great footage from the recent tour of Europe: Denmark 2014, Marseille 2014, Paris, France 2014, Cologne, Germany 2014, Austria 2014, Frankfurt, Germany 2014, probably THE greatest Chrome video ever - the one and at the moment only PRO SHOT video of Chrome - Live in Barcelona, Spain 2014 - and last but not least: footage recently surfaced of the encore of the show at the Off Ramp in Seattle, WA 1991  -  check these additions out along with all the other video on the Videos page of the Bootlegs section

-Audio downloads of live shows: THREE of them, including artwork for each - amazing sounding soundboard recording from the Mason Jar in San Francisco 1987, killer raw live show from the Sun Club in Tempe, AZ 1992, and a show from the recent tour of Europe - Frankfurt, Germany 2014  - check em' all out on the Audio page of the Bootlegs section of the site
*NOTE: a link has been added with easy how-to instructions for printing cd case artwork have been added to all the pages that contain audio downloads of live shows

-Loads of both new and old photographs: band photo from early 90's, Helios & Z Sylver in Hollywood 1990, 3 photos of Helios joining Nik Turner onstage last November, multiple (about 20) pics from a bus trip from Seattle to San Francisco - returning from recording the Last Laugh record with Jack Endino, and multiple photos of various shows from the recent Europe tour: Cine Palace, Prague, Frankfurt, London - check out ALL the new photos on Page 3 of the Photo Gallery

-Some great new Interviews: Paraphilia Magazine, Caught In The Carousel, Jack Blood Show (with audio download!), Radio-On Berlin (with audio download!)

-Additions to the Albums section; Half Machine From The Sun (Lost Chrome Tracks '79 to '80), Feel It Like A Scientist, Alien Soundtracks album - some pics of an original Siren Records vinyl, listen to the song "Oh Dahmer" from the "Letters To Aliens" compilation, listen to the extended cut version of "Eyes In The Center" from the "Industrial Revolution" compilation, listen to the song "Last Laugh" from the "Dope Guns" compilation, check out a cool ad for "Half Machine Lip Moves"

-New Lyrics: Galactic Octopi - full album lyrics

-New Posters: Chrome "Ultra Rock" poster, SUPER RARE poster for Chrome's one and only U.S. gig in San Francisco at the On Broadway

-New Flyers: gig with Vertigo, with Human Head Transplant, Freekout Club in Bologna

-New Articles: The Return of Helios Creed, Arthur Mag review of Deep Blue Love Vacuum, Busting Through The Van Allan Belt review, Nik Turner Space Ritual '94 Show Review, SF Weekly Show Ad from 1996

-New Memorabilia: Third From The Sun t-shirt, Helios & Krystal puppets, warped Helios Creed t-shirt, signed tour poster from 2014 Chrome tour of Europe

-New Live Experiences entries: Boxing The Clown tour encounter, Bloomington, IN at Rhino's 1992 show, Atlanta, GA at Star Bar 2003 show

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October 4, 2013
Psych Trail Mix - Issue #8 - CHROME SPECIAL is now available - tons of exclusives on Chrome; articles, never before seen photographs, interviews etc.... Please check info in the beginning Table of Contents page on how to donate and how you can get one of the limited edition copies with glossy color cover! Enjoy! Here's a small thumb of the CHROMED-OUT front cover below!

August 23, 2013
A small update tonight to the site, but an update nonetheless. Some new photographs, another interview added, a couple new flyers, and some more memorabilia. Check out all details below:

-Handful of new photographs added to Page 3 of the Photo Gallery; great shot of Helios at Emos in Austin, TX 2003, 4 shots from the Transmission Theater in San Francisco 1997 - #1, #2, #3, #4, Helios in Netherlands 1993

-A few new flyers added to the Flyers section; #1, #2, #3

-New interview added to the Interviews section; Rebel Sound Zine 1992

-A couple of new items added to the Memorabilia section; some items from Cleopatra's newer 'Chrome Box', signed Helios drum head from early 90's

March 1, 2013
- Been a while since an update, but lots of cool stuff to check out tonight; new video, new live soundboard available for download, new photos, new full album's worth of lyrics, new flyers and posters, two new "Live Experiences" entries, a couple of fun new items in the "Odds & Ends" section and lots more! Where's the fuckin' beef? It's right here in a beefy site update. Details of all updates below:

-New Live Soundboard Recording - March 1990 - Gabe's Oasis, Iowa City, IA - a complete, GREAT sounding live recording of a show from the "Boxing The Clown" era, many songs introduced as new - includes custom cd art with track listing

-Lots of new Video added - check out clips from live in Philadelphia 4-20-92, also Helios' first show in Philadelphia in April 1990, some great video live in Austin, TX at Liberty Lunch 1990, and live in Belgium- Democrazy 2-5-95

-About 20+ new pictures added to Page 3 of the photo gallery - a few old shots of practice sessions for the "X-Rated Fairy Tales" tour (#1, #2, #3), Helios during the Dark Side Of The Sun Tour, live shot of Helios and Fabienne Shine, Helios playing an outdoor party in January 2005, 2 live shots of a show from Emo's in Austin, TX 10-22-94 (#1, #2), live shot of Helios playing the Cannibal Club in Austin, TX 1991, probably the best new photos are from a live show in 1986 featuring Helios' first ever post-Chrome lineup - check out a couple here - #1, #2 - see the rest of those great vintage shots on Page 3 of the Photo Gallery along with the rest of the new photos

-2 new entries in the "Live Experiences" section - a fan encounter from an 11-5-91 show, and a nice journal log accompanied with photographs of a mini Northwest tour from 1992

-Lyrics for the entire "Spider Prophecy" record (2002) have been added!

-A couple new items added to the "Odds And Ends" section - Helios Creed & Willie Nelson??, scrapped idea for an early 2000 Chrome release, and scrapped art idea for Helios Creed prayer candle

-2 new Flyers added to the Flyers section - #1, #2

-New poster added to the Posters section

-A few items added to the Memorabilia section of the site - Signed Chrome Box, Dark Side Of The Sun crew pass, and a ticket from the Nik Turner Space Ritual 1994 Tour

-A few new things added to the Articles section - a show review from 1993, show advertisement from 2005, and a humorous show ad from 2006

**If you've been paying attention, this has been a great time to be a Chrome/Helios Creed fan: there's a new Chrome album in the works, AND of course "Half Machine From The Sun," the "Lost Chrome Tracks" from the vintage Chrome days of 79' to 80' - if you've watched the recent 2 videos of Helios listening to those lost tracks that have been posted to the CHROME PLEDGE SITE - then you have to be as excited as I am about this release. Demented surf fuzz guitar CHROME style, extended version of "Magnetic Dwarf Reptile,"...... a song that surely could have been a hit called "Something Rhythmic," and much more. Anyway, good things are ahead for Chrome/Helios Creed fans. If you haven't already, please go make a pledge on the Chrome Pledge page - you get some unique items for helping out Helios - t-shirts, the new record, awesome new poster and more**

June 22, 2012 - It's been quite a while since there's been an update, but there's plenty tonight to check out including; new video, photographs, interviews, flyers, posters, memorabilia, and lyrics. Details on all updates below:

-New Video: check out some great footage of Helios playing in Asbury Park, NJ with Nik Turner's Space Ritual (be sure to check out the great back and forth interaction with Nik & Helios on "Hyperventilation"), also a couple clips from the official Nik Turner Space Ritual 1994 video

-From the same show of the video mentioned above, here is a brand new full soundboard live recording of Helios playing with Nik Turner's Space Ritual 1994 Tour in New Jersey, 1-28-94! This is a great show with Helios for the full duration on lead guitar and he plays a couple of his own songs as well. Great recording from that awesome "Nik Turner Space Ritual 94 Tour" - check out this awesome recording, including exclusive case artwork with track listing etc.. here

-32+ new photographs added to expanded the photo gallery to Page 3; some great shots of Helios with Mike Watt of the Minutemen, couple of recent photos of Helios with Fabienne Shine (wife of the late Damon Edge), a few photos of Helios playing with Nik Turner's Space Ritual in Asbury Park, NJ 1994 from the SBD recording mentioned above - #1, #2, #3, Helios playing at the Reptile House in Michigan circa 91-92, pics of Helios at Hotel Phoenix, some nice pro-quality photos of Helios shot by Monet Clark, couple of great pics of Chrome in Memphis from the 1998 Chrome Reunion Tour - #1, #2, a nice shot of Helios playing in Oakland, CA on 6-8-07, and a total of 8 nice vintage shots of Helios circa 1989-90' , a total of 9 great new photographs of Helios at his most recent show this month , and Helios with a new toy/old favorite, check these and all new photos out on Page 3 of the Photo Gallery

-Interview from Skug Magazine 1990 - Bright Sky Tracks On Acid added to the Interviews section, this interview contains some interesting info on the "Superior Catholic Finger" record, some great vintage
shots of Helios at the end

-Review of Nothing Wrong/The Sky 7" and The Last Laugh from Vampyrotuetis Infernalis

-Some cool new flyers added to the Flyers page including one of the recent show at the Echoplex, an oldie but goodie , a show from Nik Turner Space Ritual 94 and more on the Flyers page, also a new poster added to the Posters page

-The Chrome sticker that was included with the cd version of the Chrome Box has been added to the Memorabilia page

-Lyrics added of "Flying Through The Either" added to the Lyrics page

-Helios recently explained what the new record "Galactic Octopi" is all about, check it out on the Galactic Octopi page

December 3, 2011 
- Lots of updates tonight including a new live show for download, new video, photographs, flyers, articles, memorabilia and more! Here's the details of all the updates for the evening:

-An AWESOME live recording of a Chrome/Helios Creed show in Philadelphia back in 2008 during the Dual Forces Tour! This one is not to be missed! Great sound quality, a talkative Helios, and a KILLER setlist! Come download the show including front and back CD art - M Room, Philadelphia, PA 9-30-08

-3 to the Videos section including clips from the shows. Helios improvises over Chrome's "Read Only Memory" and a show from the Redwood in California back in 2010, check out the 13 MINUTE version of the Chrome song "Danger Zone" from that show, insanity! Here's links to all the new vids that have been added:   7-17-10,   9-3-11,   11-11-11

-11 new flyers added including some really interesting ones, one with Captain Kirk on the front, a cool lookin' one of a show Helios played with Love 666 & Daddy Longhead, another RARE flyer from Chrome's 1 and only US gig, and many more, check out all 11 new show flyers in Flyers

-8 new photographs, check them all out in the Photo Gallery Page 2

-A very interesting article about Chrome from Damage magazine 1981 called "Chrome: The Communication Warriors" - includes quotes from Helios and Damon

-Helios' amazing new record "Galactic Octopi" has been added to the Albums section including a review of the record with a couple clips from it

-2 new times in the Memorabilia section; Setlist from Portland, OR circa 1991 & a nice Chrome t-shirt from Cleopatra Records

-A review of Galactic Octopi from Massimo Marchini added to the Articles section

-2 promo ads of Helios' "Superior Catholic Finger" record from 1989 - #1,   #2

-Videos added to: Dope Guns & Fucking Up Your Video Deck  &  Dual Forces: Chrome & Helios Creed

**Everyone: I try and update this site as much as I can. The more I gather material, the more this site expands. So, if you have any or even know anyone who might have any old Helios Creed photographs, memorablila, audio/video of live shows - please contact me so that we can arrange it to be added to this website. Thanks so much to all those who have contributed so far**

September 10, 2011 
- Small update tonight; 13 new photographs from a recent rare show that Helios played, where he improvised over top of Chrome - Read Only Memory playing in the background. See below for details on all of tonight's updates:

-Brand new photographs in Page 2 of the Photo Gallery of 9-3-11 Los Angeles, CA, Key Club - Helios improvising on top of Chrome - Read Only Memory. Thanks to Jennifer Church for the photos! Scroll to the bottom of the Page 2 of the Photo Gallery to check out the pics!

-Just a reminder; the brand new Helios Creed record "GALACTIC OCTOPI" will be shipping out in a week or so. The record is nothing short of amazing, Helios really shreds on guitar, it is oh-so-psychedelic, a real kiss-to-the-brain, I can honestly can say that it is one of Helios' best records in years, it's incredible. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, please do so, it's available in double vinyl as well as CD, order details below:

----The CD version of 'Galactic Octopi' ships this month (during September). The cost of the CD is ten dollars ($10) plus $3 for shipping within the United States -- or $10 for shipping to everywhere else in the world. (That's either $13 or $20 subtotal for the CD.) There is an 8-panel color foldout with graphically perfect lyrics and liner notes.

----The gatefold double LP version of 'Galactic Octopi' ships shortly after the CD. The cost for this is twenty dollars ($20) plus $5 for shipping within the United States -- or $20 for shipping to everywhere else in the world. (That's either $25 or $40 subtotal for the double LP.) The gatefold artwork & texts expand on the CD packaging and are completely awesome. (Thanks to Christina Bishop for both designs...)

----To order the CD and/or gatefold double LP -- Please kindly transfer now the appropriate total amount of funds via Paypal address transparency2011@yahoo.com for shipment(s) as described above, happening this month.

-Here's what Helios himself had to say about the record: "Ok Mike I'm happy to say I finally approve the record. All systems go on my end my friend. I just went through my most critical test. All systems go captain. Beam them up captain. I'm sorry for scrutinizing, but I had to go through. I'm glad to say let her rip. Get-er-done. Send her off and watch her do her thing, as we tour the shit out of her magic ass. We'll push this rock over the mountain and cruise down the otherside."

August 22, 2011 
- Some interesting updates, one being a very rare piece of Chrome history; audio of an interview with Damon Edge from 1981 that aired on an Australian radio program as part of a series on psychedelic music! An entire 45 minute program on CHROME! Damon goes into depth on Chrome and talks quite a bit about Helios as well. Also, more flyers, lyrics of a couple songs from Lactating Purple. The audio of the Damon Edge interview is something not to be missed! Check out details below on all of tonight's updates:

-Audio of an interview with Damon Edge from 1981 from an Australian radio program as part of a series on psychedelic music
-Some new Flyers: #1, #2, #3, #4
-New Lyrics: Modular Green & Big Bang

August 2, 2011 
- The first full length Helios Creed record is now availablefor pre-order! GALACTIC OCTOPI is ready to go from Transparency Records. I can assure it is one of the best records Helios has ever recorded! Check out a review of it along with an interview with Helios about the record in Issue #6 of Psych Trail Mix. Check out the info below from Michael Shepperd of Transparency on how to get your copy:

Thank you very much for your interest in the new Helios Creed album, 'Galactic Octopi' (Transparency 0353). Four years in the making and amazingly, here it is! (Please cut and paste the radio link below to hear just one of the 11 equally superb tracks...)

Proudly wanting to deal directly with as many people as possible, our label policy is to offer the releases for significantly less than what online and retail companies sell them for.

----The CD version of 'Galactic Octopi' ships this month (during August). The cost of the CD is ten dollars ($10) plus $3 for shipping within the United States -- or $10 for shipping to everywhere else in the world. (That's either $13 or $20 subtotal for the CD.) There is an 8-panel color foldout with graphically perfect lyrics and liner notes.

----The gatefold double LP version of 'Galactic Octopi' ships next month (during September). The cost for this is twenty dollars ($20) plus $5 for shipping within the United States -- or $20 for shipping to everywhere else in the world. (That's either $25 or $40 subtotal for the double LP.) The gatefold artwork & texts expand on the CD packaging and are completely awesome. (Thanks to Christina Bishop for both designs...)

----To order the CD and/or gatefold double LP -- Please kindly transfer now the appropriate total amount of funds via Paypal address transparency2011@yahoo.com for shipment(s) as described above, happening this month (August) and September.

Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to write or call.

Respectfully thanking you in advance -- and looking forward to hearing back from you soon. (Please don't miss the two links directly below.)

All the best,

Michael Sheppard
(usa+) 213.884.0188
2383 Panorama Terrace
Los Angeles, CA 90039

--Link to a 35-minute radio show with written information about current new releases from four Transparency artists iincluding Helios Creed: http://www.killradio.org/podcast/index.php?tag=Transparency
--Link to the best article written so far about the label (covering a lot of ground in just two pages):

July 16, 2011 - A few updates tonight including a new live recording available for download, memorabilia and flyers! Details Below:

-If you don't already have it, you should! The recording of the one and only time Chrome ever played in the U.S. 8-21-81 Live On Broadway, San Francisco, CA is available in high quality download with artwork! A MUST have for any Chrome/Helios Creed fan. The recording is now proudly hosted on this site, so if you don't have it, GET IT!
-A ticket from a show at the Bling Pig 1992 in the Memorabilia section
-A flyer of Helios playing with Nik Turner's Space Ritual Tour in 1994 in the Flyers section
-The new Helios Creed record GALACTIC OCTOPI should be released sometime in August, stay tuned, it is one of his best records EVER

June 17, 2011 - Lots of new updates tonight including an amazing soundboard recording from the Planet X Tour, new photos, articles, interviews, memorabilia, flyers, lyrics and more! Details Below:

-Download an amazing soundboard record of a show from the Planet X Tour - 10-12-94 Philadelphia, PA
-Some great new photographs:
Chrome Tour 98 Promo Photo, Helios During Dual Forces Tour, Helios In Denver Late 80's, 2 photos from a show at the University Of Maryland in 1989 - #1 & #2.... check them all out on Page 2 of the photo gallery
-Brand new interview: Chrome's Own Helios Creed in the Interviews section
-Bunch of new Articles: Last Laugh Review, Kiss To The Brain Review, London Show Review, Sphynx Review, Busting Through Review, Cosmic Assault Review, Nugg Review
-New Memorabilia: Chrome 98' Tour Setlist, Early 90's Sticker 1, Early 90's Sticker 2, Alternate Deep Blue T-Shirt
-4 new Flyers: #1, #2, #3, #4
-New Lyrics: To 2012
**NEW RECORD** - Helios has a brand new record coming out! GALACTIC OCTOPI will be released very soon on Transparency Records. Read a review of the new record in the latest issue of Psych Trail Mix - See Below:
-Brand new Issue #6 of Psych Trail Mix zine: check it out on the Psych Trail Mix page or here's a direct download link to Issue #6

January 9, 2011
- Some small updates tonight; new memorabilia & flyers. Details below:

New Setlist added to the Memorabilia section
-Rare flyer from 1986 added to the Flyers section
-Revamped some logos on the top of some of the main site pages; Lyrics, Photo Gallery, Posters, Flyers, Newsletters, Live Show Experiences, Memorabilia, and Odds And Ends

December 5, 2010
- Plenty of new updates tonight. New photos, articles, interviews, flyers, videos and more. Details below:

2 visualization videos for each album in the Albums section of the site
-Great new interview from Rockerilla Magazine 1993 in the Interviews section
-New article from Magnet Magazine 1994 in the Articles section
4 very rare flyers added to the Flyers section - #1, #2, #3, #4
-Rare Chrome bulletin advertising only time original Chrome EVER played a show in the U.S. added to Flyers section
-New photo of Helios Creed and Johnny Cash on Page 2 of the Photo Gallery
-Brand New feature on Helios Creed's 1991 Lactating Purple with interview in Issue #5 of Psych Trail Mix zine, see below for details
-Brand new issue of Psych Trail Mix zine: Check out contents of Issue #5 on Psych Trail Mix page, or also click here for direct download link: Psych Trail Mix Issue #5
-Also some minor site revamping, you'll notice new header pics/logos on the main sections of the website; Albums, Articles, Interviews, Other Stuff, Bootlegs, Links

September 10, 2010
- A couple updates tonight. Some new photos, lyrics and memorabilia, see below:

A handful of new photographs added to Page 2 of the photo gallery; Helios live at the Redwood this past July, H
elios at Elvis' Graceland, Outside the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, and more.. go check them out!
-A setlist from 1990 added to the Memorabilia section
-Lyrics for the song "Money Man" added to the Lyrics section
-Link to Psych Of The South added to the Links section
**If anyone has anything to contribute or even know someone who may (audio, video, photos...) please do get in touch**

July 27, 2010
- A few updates today. New photographs, video, article, interviews. Details:

Brand new video added to the videos section of a show from last year at the Great American Music Hall (go hear "Anti-Fade" played for the first time ever in a live setting!)
-6 new photographs added to Page 2 of the photo gallery; 1988 live in SF, 3 pics from Staches 1990, nice black and white shot from the Chrome 1998 Reunion Tour, and a Press Photo from Amphetamine Reptile Records. Go check it all out on Page 2 of the photo gallery!
-2 Interviews added; Hyacinth (1993) & Carbon 14 (1995)
-A short article from Melody Maker (1993) added to the Articles section
-You might also notice the new Chrome navigation bar at the bottom of every page, it's a bit more visual than just the boring text navigation bar previously
**If anyone has anything to contribute or even know someone who may (audio, video, photos...) please do get in touch**

July 2, 2010
- Several updates tonight. Some new photos, a new video added to the videos section, a rare review, some artwork for previously uploaded recordings, new flyers, new lyrics, memorabilia and more. Have a nice 4th of July weekend!!! Here's details for tonight's updates:

A new video added to the videos section of the site, check it out!
-A couple of old photographs added top page 2 of the photo gallery; Superior Catholic Finger Tour pic & Hollywood 1989
-Alien Soundtracks review from Sounds on the Alien Soundtracks album page
-Lyrics added for Resurrection Blue and The Machine
-New Flyers added for **UPCOMING HELIOS CREED SHOWS**; Helios with MGMT & Helios with Spindrift
-Flyer added for a show from Louden Nelson 1991
-Sticker added to the Memorabilia section
-Artwork added to 11-5-91 and 6-28-09 downloads
-Preview video added to the Psychedelic Glue Sniffin' Hillbillies page
-A few reviews added to the Psych Trail Mix page

May 22, 2010 - HUGE update to the site today! Biggest update is over 50 live video clips added, many very rare, even some unreleased Helios Creed songs. New pictures, lyrics, interview, and memorabilia! Enjoy. Here's the details:

-The Videos page has been updated with over 50 live Helios Creed videos! Each date listed contains 2 songs from each video. Go check it out!
-A bunch of new pictures added to Page 2 of the photo gallery. Pics included from last month's show at the famous Fillmore in San Francisco, and pictures from March of 2006 at the Ghost Town Galleries in Oakland, California during the Deep Blue Love Vacuum tour
-Interview from Flipside Magazine 1997
-2 new items added to the Memorabilia section; the Helios Creed Puppet and a ticket stub from a 1993 London show
-Lyrics added for Hyperventilation and Some Way Out

April 10, 2010 - A few small updates today; about 8 new photographs, a small article from 2005 and a live poster for 2 new shows coming up this Monday and Tuesday at the famous Fillmore in San Francisco, CA. Here's details on what went up today:

-8 new photographs in PAGE 2 of the photo gallery, includes 3 pictures from 2003 at the club Tacoland, also 6 great new photographs from back in 1991 at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ, check out all 8 new pictures in PAGE 2 of the Photo Gallery
-Very small article, The Freed Creed added to the Articles section
**LIVE SHOW ALERT** - Helios Creed will be playing the famous Fillmore in San Francisco, CA on April 12 and 13th, here's a Poster for the shows  (check out all posters in the Posters section of the site)

March 7, 2010  - Lots of updates today; some great rare photographs, new posters and flyers, new album inserts, memorabilia, and new lyrics! Here's the details:

-Loads of rare new pictures in page 2 of the Photo Gallery: shots from Belgium at Democrazy in 95', promo pic from AMREP, 3 great sets of pics from Bridget Christian , a really nice black and white photo from late 91' thanks to Ken Salerno, and many more! Go check them all out in PAGE 2 of the photo gallery
-New Flyers; 4-2-90 DC Space and 9-29-08 Beachland
-New Poster; 10-11-07 Red 7
-Lyrics for 3 songs; The Warming, Your Spaceman, and X-Rated Fairy Tales
-Inserts to the Superior Catholic Finger record, one even including lyrics to the album
-Inside sleeve art to the Abducted single
-Early 90's tour shirt added to the Memorabilia section
**Again if anyone has anything to contribute to the site or knows anyone who may be able to submit contributions (audio or video recordings of Helios Creed shows, flyers, posters, interviews, articles or anything not seen within the site) please contact me, THANKS!**

January 31, 2010 - Some great updates today, inluding a very rare, amazing sounding soundboard recording of a Helios Creed show from late 1991. Some rare photographs and show reviews as well, here's the details below:

-By far, the best update today is a live soundboard recording available for download. November 5, 1991 live at the King's Head Inn. This recording is pristine sound quality and a massive packed setilst. The entire Lactating Purple record is played, plus tons more songs. Go download the show and listen to it!! Review of show with download link: CHECK IT OUT
-7 new great rare pictures added to Page 2 of the Photo Gallery, including a rare pic of Helios from the old Chrome days. Also a few new pictures from the Nik Turner Space Ritual 1994 Tour.
-Some new reviews of audio recordings of shows:  3-13-87, 11-3-90, 11-22-90,3-8-91,11-5-91 (with download link inside),1-23-93 and 4-14-93
-Added lyrics for the song "Leaving The Body" to the Lyrics page

December 19, 2009 - If you like Helios Creed then you must like HEAVY FUZZ tones, right? I just added a link to download my "60's FUZZ MONSTERS" mix that was mentioned in Issue #4 of my zine "Psych Trail Mix." Click on it above to download or go to the Psych Trail Mix page and it will be next to where the FUZZ article is listed in issue #4, it includes from and back cover art. OH YEAH, LOTS of great Helios updates coming soon, including an absolutely amazing soundboard recording from late 1991 during the Lactating Purple tour for you all to download directly from this website. It will blow you away! That will be unleashed soon along with some other updates.

November 29, 2009
- Loads of new stuff today! The biggest of all being the inclusion of my zine PSYCH TRAIL MIX!  Here's the list of all tonight's updates with details below:

-ALL of the issues of my zine PSYCH TRAIL MIX are now included on this site in the Other Stuff  section. Issue #4 "Texas Psych/13th Floor Elevators Special" is unveiled for the first time here, so please go check that out and "print your own zine!"
-A load of new photographs were added to Page 2 of the photo gallery including some really nice pics of the Great American Music Hall gig last month from Jeff Spirer. Also,  some nice backstage pics from that night along with a bunch more onstage. And there's some photos of Helios in his new State of residence California, looks like a nice place!
-Superior Catholic Finger t-shirt added to the Memorabilia section
-some scrapped ideas during late 2005/early 2006 for the Deep Blue Love Vaccume album as well as a 7" release added to the Odds and Ends Section

November 1, 2009 - Lots of new updates thanks to many kind contributors, thank you all for the great stuff! Really, thanks for all of the submissions guys, keep them coming, this site will only continue to grow! Details on tonight's updates:

-LOTS of new pics added to the photo gallery, and I had to add a Page 2 because they're really accumulating. All the pics on Page 2 are the ones that have been added tonight. The last pic there, when you click into it, it leads to a page with multiple images to last Friday's gig at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, which I hear went really well!
-Some really cool mailers were added to the Odds and Ends section thanks to Chad Crossan. One of them even includes the lyrics to Resurrection Blue
-A few new flyers were added to the Flyers section, including 2 from last week's gig at the Great American Music Hall
-A new link was added for the Phrock Blog to the Links section. This is an amazing site to snag tons of 60's psych and more! Please check it out!

October 2, 2009 - Plenty of updates tonight! Had some great submissions come in recently that I think you'll all enjoy, here are the details below:

-About 20 or so new pictures in the Photo Gallery, including some really nice ones from  France from back in 1995 thanks to Jean Paul, the newest pics are at the bottom of the gallery
-A couple of new t-shirts in the Memorabilia section, some old vintage ones including a Last Laugh t-shirt
-A unique little item, a "date book" from the France tour in the Odds and Ends section, thanks to Jean Paul
-A new Live Experience write up in the Live Experiences section from Denver 9-23-08 thanks to Robert Lee
-A couple of cool new flyers in the Flyers section at the bottom, where Galaxy Chamber opens up for Helios 
-A really nice Planet X Promo Poster in the Posters section thanks to Jean Paul

September 20, 2009 - Just a few minor updates and additions today folks, new pictures and things are on the way and should be up shortly. But for the time being the following minor updates/additions were made:

-credited Aidan Carlan as keyboard player on X-Rated Fairy Tales

-Jimbo from Daddy Longhead is the one who provided the joint at the show in 1994 at the Abyss
-Houston 92 show is most likely 1991 at Emos in Austin, TX
-Helios in alien t-shirt photo given credit as due with more details
-a question and answer that was somehow omitted from the Your Flesh interview is added (starts with the q "so a spiritual world is trying to..."), somehow it was omitted from the actual published version in Your Flesh Magazine. Thanks to Steve Tupper of Subterranean Records for providing the complete version.

September 13, 2009 - Site Launched!!!  I hope that you all enjoy this website, I've worked on it for a very long time and put TONS of time and effort into it. I hope you all enjoy it. I'm no experienced html user by ANY means, but I'm happy with the basic layout I put together for the site. This website will most likely be updated fairly regularly, so keep an eye out and all updates will be posted here in the same location you clicked on to get to this page, so it'll be clearly posted on the main home page! Again, if any of you have something you don't see on here; videos of shows, audio recordings of shows, photographs... anything at all that could be added to the site, please contact me so that we can arrange to do so! Please explore all the areas of the site, even the "Other Stuff" section has many sections within that section! So please do enjoy and send any comments and let me know if you like the site, I'd love to hear from fellow Helios Creed fans! - Thanks, Brent