Helios Creed
Galactic Octopi
Label: Transparency
Released: 2011

Galactic Center
Warp Slip
Star Streaker
Terra Firma Thurma
We're Flying.com
Red Chopper
Observation Outpost
Psylent Encounters
Stranger In The Manger
Terrestrial Manifestations
Galactic Octopi

Well, it had been over 5 years since the last Helios Creed record! This record was certainly worth the wait! This has to go down as one of THE best Helios Creed records EVER! From beginning to end, this is an acid-punk psychedelic masterpiece! One thing I will say about this record is that Helios really goes all out on the guitar! I mean, of course Helios' guitar work is amazing on all his records, but I just think this is one he absolutely goes nuts and lets loose to the fullest extent of psychedelic guitar wizardy madness! "Galactic Center" will go down as a classic with signature Helios Creed flattened wah-pedal fuzz while Helios invites us to "the sun, a place we can have fun." Krystl from Galaxxy Chamber (you may remember her on a couple of songs from the 1992 record Kiss To The Brain) does some guest vocals on "XCIII" and "Galactic Octopi." Another one of my favorites on here is "Terra Firma Thurma," with some amazing synth work by Lux Vibratus and incredible bad-ass psych guitar from Helios! I also must note that the production on the record is second to none, it sounds SO good, everything is mixed really nicely. "Red Chopper" is a groovy track with Helios expressing what he's seeing with the current state of the world, "see people losin' their heads, I see people droppin' dead." Another great thing about this record is that it includes all of the lyrics! Not too often you get that, not to mention the great artwork! The cover art really fits with the feel of the record. "We're Flying.com" is a great song, it chugs along hammering you in the beginning, then after proclaiming "we're flying, we're flying, we're flying, we're flyyyyyying," Helios sends you FLYING to space with some absolutely amazing psychedelic lead guitar work! "Clarification" is another standout track with warped vocals from Helios and killer guitar work throughout. Simply AWESOME Helios Creed record, totally worth the wait. The man still has it, and he shows it here, he hasn't lost a thing and he gets even BETTER as he goes along. And the Lord said "LET THERE BE HELIOS CREED"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helios Creed - guitar, vocals
Lux Vibratus - bass, synths
Aleph Kali - drums, percussion
Krystl Chamber - guest vocals on "XCIII" & "Galactic Octopi"

Helios Creed's Explanation of Galactic Octopi:

"Galactic Octopi is a metaphor for our galaxy, the galactic center sun is the dense cluster of stars in the center, its shinning a beam on us through this solar eclipse now to cleanse us, this is what the whole album was talking about...."

**Note: Just a couple of clips from the album with the following videos, as the album was just released. If you want to hear more, BUY the record and support Helios!**

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