August 15, 2003 Show Review
Dark Side Of The Sun Tour
Star Bar, Atlanta, GA
By: Orgone


Helios Creed is touring. in case anybody cares here's a sort of review of a
recent show with the undead...

"This guy is the master"  - that's a quote from a friend I took who had
never heard Helios and is now a total convert.

The bill last night also included The Undead (Bobby Steele of the
Misfits circa 77-79). Awesome set, and they even played an encore after
Helios got up on stage and pleaded for them to come back out and play
some more. Great, great show!!

Helios is a very nice guy. Bought a couple of CDs and a T-shirt. He was
happy to sign stuff and chat. Told me about the car accident - amazing
he wasn't more injured. His between song banter was humorous and
appropriately bizarre.