SF Weekly
March 22-28, 2006

According to Helios Creed's MySpace page, he's looking to meet a "ravaging fox." His turn-ons are "Hawaiian girls, Japanese girls, Phillipino girls, Hispanic girls, white girls and ... black girls." Creed, a 52 year old Catholic, digs toy trains, Sex And The City reruns, boogie boarding, Humphrey Bogart flicks, and most important, playing his guitar. You see, Creed and his former partner, the late Damon Edge, were the heart n' soul of Chrome, one of Frisco's most adventurous new wave outfits from the late '70's and early '80's. Crafting post-nuclear  soundscapes that bled television static, Chrome was basically the first outfit to invent a hybrid of garage rock, sci-fi inspired sonic freakery, and techno (before Cybotron even invented said dance music). Consequently, if you're a pretty little lady looking to bag a legendary underground rocker, you're so in luck, because on Friday, March 24, Helios Creed and (some version of) Chrome are making a very rare live appearance at Annie's Social Club at 9 p.m. Admission is $5; call 974-1585 or go to www.anniessocialclub.com for more info. - Justin F. Farrar