How Many Years Too Soon - Interview With Helios Creed By Adrian Shepherd
May 21, 2014
By: Adrian Shepherd
Radio On - Berlin

This is a particulary good interview here from Radio On - Berlin, Germany. Adrian Shepherd has obviously done his homework prior to interviewing Helios, which is refreshing after hearing some interviewers just sort of wing it. Lots of great questions asked. Adrian was nice enough to allow me to host the audio of the interview here on the site. It's certainly a great one for the archives! The official blurb about the interview below, then the link to the audio download of the interview.

'Radio On managed to get an exclusive interview with the legendary Helios Creed and Lou Minatti from the Seminal band Chrome, on the eve of their 2014 European tour and new album release ‘Feel it like a Scientist’.

'In this interview conducted by Adrian Shephard you will hear exclusive tracks from the new album and… UFO’s, William Burroughs, Prophecies, Butthole Surfers, Kurt Cobain, Psychics, Led Zeppelin, Genesis P Orridge, Amphetamine Reptile, The Residents, LSD, Haunted Studios, ST37, Philip K Dick and Ghosthunting in the Californian sun…'


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