Feel It Like A Scientist
Label: King Of Spades Records
Released: 2014

Nephilims (Help Me!)
Lady Feline
Something In The Cloud
Unbreakable Fluride Lithium Plastic
Captain Boson
Big Brats
Brady The Chicken Boy
Slave Planet Institution
The Mind
Systems Within Systems
Nymph Droid

2013 to 2014 have been quite the years for Chrome and Helios Creed fans; first with the release of "Half Machine From The Sun" consisting of lost Chrome tracks from 1979-1980 with Helios and Damon together, and now with the release of this Chrome record "Feel It Like A Scientist" - the name of the record being taken from a lyric from the classic "Zombie Warfare" from the Half Machine Lip Moves record. Killer record from start to finish. You get the squelching acid fuzzed out distortion along with all the weirdness that makes Chrome CHROME - Tommy Grenas does a great job filling in for the late Damon Edge on MOOG synth sounds to make this record remind you of the Chrome from yester-year, but it's still got a fresh sound... the sound quality is fantastic with guitarist Keith Thompson doing the work in that regard. Long time Helios drummer Aleph Omega shines here as well. Also guest vocals from Anne Dromeda add a nice ethereal touch to some of the tracks. The single "Prophecy" just fucking rocks hard, and the William Burroughs intro just works perfectly there. "Something In The Cloud" is another standout track, the alien synth sounds really give this the vintage Chrome sound of old, along with a killer riff from Helios along with lovely mind-massaging distortion tone that he gets on the guitar here. "Big Brats" was actually an old Chrome song written by Damon Edge, but never recorded - a funny little tune that will not die in memory, here it's pressed onto vinyl and cd for the archives. "The Mind" is a hypnotic trip with searing, mesemerizing guitar riff...... I could go on and on, but this record was worked on quite a long time by Helios and company, must have stuff here folks!

NOTE: Too early in the album's release, so no songs will be uploaded to this page quite yet. Go BUY the record to hear it and support Helios!!