Nik Turner
Space Ritual 1994 Live (VHS & DVD)
Label: Cleopatra (VHS) Cherry Red UK (DVD)
Released: 1995 (VHS) & 2007 (DVD)

Master Of The Universe
The Awakening
The Right Stuff
Armour For Everyday
Nirbasion Annasion
You Shouldn't Do That
Orgone Accumulator
Silver Machine

This is a professionally shot video of a show from the Nik Turner Space Ritual tour. The video is really nicely shot, great shots of all the guys. Helios does one of his own songs here which is cool with the added effects of the other guys and Nik on flute. Effects added throughout the video as well. A really nice visual document of a one of a kind tour!

-The DVD from Cherry Red has the same songs on it, except it doesn’t include 1 song, Orgone Accumulator, the VHS tape does. The thing that really makes the DVD worth getting, aside from the digital transfer of the video, is the extra 45 minute "tour diary" video that is included. The tour diary video shows a ton of backstage behind the scenes stuff, driving on the road, groupies, roadies, Del Dettmar signing the Space Ritual vinyl records for some fans. Some people dismiss this sort of stuff, but I love the behind the scenes type things like this, I find it very interesting to watch. I'd probably watch the tour diary video before the actual show if I could go back and do it again. I've included separate screen-shots of both the show and the tour diary video.

Same lineup as the 2 CD of release of this show (omitting some songs) as it's from the same show.

Nik Turner - vocals, saxophone, flute
Del Dettmar - synthesizer (moog)
Helios Creed - guitar, vocals
Paul Della Pelle - drums
Paul Fox - bass

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Show screen-shots:
Tour Diary screen-shots: