Helios Creed/Chrome (Show ad for Saturday September 20, 2008)

Seattle Weekly
By: Michael Alan Goldberg
September 17, 2008

Back in the late '80s and early '90s, I was hooked on Amphetamine Reptile Records and the noise rock and weirdo punk they were putting out. For a couple years there, I snapped up tons of their releases - from the likes of Halo of Flies, Lubricated Goat, Tar, and others - and it was then that I discovered the genius of guitarist/singer Helios Creed, who at the time was putting out an album a year on the label. His was a completely mind-blowing and utterly unique combination of space-rock, way-fucked-up psychedelia and acid-punk, noise rock, and industrial chaos, created with a vast array of guitar pedals and bizarre sonic experiments. From there I discovered Chrome, Creed's similarly styled '70s band which heavily influenced the later weirdness of the Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid, the Jesus Lizard, and Sonic Youth. If you're a fan of any of those bands, discovering Creed's music might be as revelatory to you as it was to me. He's gone long stretches of time without touring - though he's put out dozens and dozens of albums - but he's currently out on the road with his band performing both Chrome songs and solo material. Word is this might be the 54-year-old's last tour, so if you were ever interested, now is time to check him out.

Sat., Sept. 20, 9:30 p.m., 2008

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