Various Live Show Reviews
Chrome - 2014 Europe Tour

UK's, The Quietus Live Show Review June 21st, 2014
A black hole in the noise: Joe Banks reports from Electrowerkz in London for Chrome's first show there in 25 years.
"Chrome live are a blast. With his panama hat, beach shirt and tache, singer and guitarist Helios Creed might look like he's just walked out of The Big Lebowsk…Chrome are absolutely their own thing. Creed's dense, compressed guitar sound mimics the squalling innards of the data networks crushing the breath out of the world, while the muffled clatter of Aleph Omega's drums is relentless, a dubby electronic snare occasionally cutting through the sonic haze. (Special mention too for second guitarist Lou Minatti, who manages to look both puppyish and cool in trapper hat, leather jacket and aviator shades)…“’TV As Eyes', 'Zombie Warfare', 'March Of The Chrome Police' and 'Chromosome Damage' all get an airing along with the heavy trance rock of new single 'Prophecy'. It's also great to hear 'Something Rhythmic (I Can't Wait)' – with its catchy chorus of, anthem, "I need you tied to my bedposts" – from the excellent "lost tracks" album Half Machine From The Sun released last year. As Creed explains from the stage, it was one of a number of songs that Chrome considered "too commercial" to release at the time….it's great that we now have an operational version of the band…a band that is capable of slipping it to the android once again.”

UK’s, Freq
Live Show Review June 21st, 2014
“Just as we arrive, Chrome take to the stage. The band look young, lean and tight: second guitarist, bass player, sample master and drummer. Both the sample master and the drummer trigger tape loops and assorted sound effects, and instruments are run through complex series of chains and micro-processors. And there at the front is Helios Creed, resplendent in an Our Man in Havana Panama hat…Creed announces that “This is a new one” and there are no issues around inferior later material here. Whatever it is (and unfortunately the PA doesn’t exactly lend itself to clarity for Creed’s between-song explanations), it’s a massive sonic cudgel with which Chrome proceed to smack us repeatedly round the head. It feels like having your brain bashed out with the sleeve of “3rd From the Sun” wrapped round a house brick. Clive returns, battered and elated, and I lean over and bellow into his ear: “I could listen to this for another four hours.”…tonight feels like a massive party of old school London weirdos, drawn together in celebration of a band that always felt like the ultimate expression of outsider weirdohood…The atmosphere is really something special, something to be cherished.”

UK’s, Shindig! Magazine Editors Blog, live show review
“…Creed’s musical muscle always was, and still is, Chrome. Lanky, slithery, spiny, blessed with an ability to churn out monotone three-chord demi-Asheton riffs, armed with voice effects from the dankest depths of twisted hell, and possessed of the demeanour of a cynical Bay Area morgue attendant. He remains the very personification of, and also the very antithesis of rock ’n’ roll, wrapped up in one man…Guitars are attacked (with band encouragement) by audience members with beer cans, the assorted tribes – punk, hippie, rocker, crustie, scene-kid (80s meaning) garage-head (both meanings) the (very) odd Mod, plus the assorted pre-industrialists that always populate this venue – dance like lunatics, and even Glen Matlock, crammed into a corner with the rest of us, manages a smile. Just enough space clears to view the onstage chaos, the wizardly bandleader’s Gibson rammed ceilingwards. Pan-seared with white noise, and in heat which could vapourise, your scribe is beyond caring. Like the song says, “This is the New Age”. Always was, always will be.”

Helsinki, Finland, Inferno Music Magazine Full feature review of the show Fight the Night 2 - Nightmare City, Helsinki, 13.-14.06.2014
"We do not need video projections and light show. Helios Creed melting and dripping face is the most psychedelic thing that you will ever see”

USA’s, Black2com Blogspot, Review of bootleg live CD of Chrome playing Spain’s Prima Vera Festival
“This one rocks just as good as if ol’ Edge was still alive and inflicting his demonic influence on the solar mess. Hot flare in the Siren tradition as the old faves are given new rewordings and sound just as feral as they did back when only a few of us fanables were in on the massive push courtesy BOMB! and a handful worthy fanzines…”

Germany’s, Stage and Reptiles 5/21/14 Munich show review, mention of ‘Feel It Like A Scientist’ and tour plug and photos of the show
“They played ‘Prophecy’ from the 2014 album ‘Feel it like A Scientist’…which do not shrink from the comparison with the old songs.”

Holland’s,  3Voor12 Zuid
“Chrome is an incredible live band, and they played a thundering show tonight. Whoever was not here, really missed something!”

Germany’s, Rockstage Riot Rhenimain
“…As an opener they played the track "New Age" from their fourth album, which immediately turned the concert hall into a space tunnel that led directly into another universe  CHROME played consequently only songs from the era of 1977-82, with the exception of two songs from the upcoming album "Feel it Like a Scientist ", but these pasted seamlessly into the set…”