Nothing Wrong/The Sky 7 - The Last Laugh
Vampyrotuetis Infernalis

HC Nothing Wrong / The Sky 7 – The Last Laugh

That's it – NOISE from hell – torture.
Imagine a roller coaster
, you are sitting in the first row – brazing your arms and legs. It is the highest point, slowly but inescapable – suddenly you feel the absence of gravity, your stomach explodes, because of the tension and your heart gets wide. You hear “Road Out OF Hell" but you don`t go out of hell you go straight to hell and beside you sits ex Chrome guitarist HC relaxed with a diabolic smile.
It took him three years since the release of his solo debut XRFT to get so much acid in his brain and so much energy out of space to bring this experience forward to us in TLL. Refined we become the disciples of the grandmaster of noise.
The trilogy SWO/TD/TD alone justifies the wait. I guess that most of the time past by with collecting the money for the mile long row of phaser, flanger, distortion, echo hall and the hell knows what other gear he uses to produce this sound, this sound which sucks you in and shoots you up.
For example WTCA completely distorted but so present if you would sit in one of Helios amps and wouldn't be there the profound drum work of JF you never touch the ground again.
On this psychedelic journey HC is supported by half of the Skin Yard crew ( Daniel House on bass and Jack Endino as producer ) who took the bass line of “Beef” and built on it the A side of their Skinyard – Sub Pop single “ Start at the top”
Same quality but a bit more weird is the 7 NW/TS ( my ears fall off ) which was released in the Sub Pop “ Lonely Collector “ singles club in march.
Rewinded tapes noise coming out of an electric generator and upon that the vocals of HC who seemed to have located his studio in the canalization (so hollow and low teases his voice out of the speaker)
Really here is Nothing Wrong – there can`t be nothing wrong. Rock n Roll music?! detached of all conventions. Help – my guitar world is breaking down.

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