Helios Creed
Activated Condition
Label: Man’s Ruin Records
Released: 1998

Blood Mantra
The Railing
“Nugg” The Transport
Pure LSD
Getting Dark
Isolation Tank
Pissing On The Produce
Oh Shit What Did We Do?

Activated Condition is an awesome record. Again, a number of players credited on this one. Some great hard driving, rocking acid punk tunes on here. Blood Mantra drives with some really great Helios lead guitar runs between verses. Nugg The Transport is a funny song, pretty easy to guess what it's about, it's funny and a really tripped out song at the same time. Yes you don't really know what you're getting these days. Pure LSD has some really nice guitar work from Helios on it, all melting and running together into a nice lysergic output of lovely psyched out delight. Pissing on The Produce is sort of a speed acid metal type song. Really awesome album beginning to end!

Helios Creed - guitar, vocals, bass, synths, samples
Paul Della Pelle - drums
Z Sylver - synths, samples, vocals
Frank Gary Martin - drums
Chris McKay - bass
Jeff Pinkus - bass
Krystal – vocals

Click the above pic for a promo flyer that was sent with promo copies of Activated Condition

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