Half Machine Lip Moves
Label: Siren Records
Released: 1979

T.V. as Eyes
Zombie Warfare (Can’t let you down)
March of the Chrome Police (A Cold Clammy Bombing)
You’ve Been Duplicated
Mondo Anthem
Half Machine Lip Moves
Abstract Nympho
Turned Around
Zero Time
Creature Eternal
Critical Mass

A great sequel to Alien Soundtracks, Half Machine Lip Moves is what many consider Chrome's masterpiece album. Again a very trashy/garagey psychedelic punk record, but much more than that. Not only is this record so weird and kind of all over the place, the songs are also catchy as hell.

Damon Edge - drums, synths, tapes, vocals
Helios Creed - guitars, vocals, bass
Gary Spain – bass

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