Date: April 2, 1990

Location: Washington, D.C.
Venue: DC Space


Who Cares
Too Bad
Nirbasion Annasion
Abstract Nympho
The Descent
Blood Red
Johnny B. Cool
TV As Eyes
Late Bloomer
Some Way Out
The Dream
The Diplomat
Monster Lust


At long last we finally have managed to obtain a FULL live recording of a great board recording here from 1990 live at DC Space in Washington, D.C.! This is a nice board recording with everything beautifully audible in the mix, including Helios' melt-the-walls acid guitar work blaring through, his vocals, drums bass etc... For years I had a disc someone ripped for me, but the disc was so badly damaged that it omitted a handful of songs. Well, thanks to the website here, a fan got in touch with me and provided the FULL live recording of this fantastic show. "The Trilogy" is announced by H a 'new' material here and is performed without a hitch in all its fuzzed-out glory. A couple Chrome songs thrown in for good measure, great recording! Also included in the download is a live video from this very show that features Helios employing a screwdriver to get the desired mind-warping sounds he desires on his guitar. The video is a nice addition to add to the digital archive of this live HC evening. Enjoy via the download link below!
*NOTE: I will no longer be posting cd artwork for these live recordings - I've embraced digital playback completely at this point, and with just how inexpensive hard drive space is these days, I personally find no reason to keep buying/burning cd-r's of things like this. Sorry if this disappoints any of you out there.