Date: March 26, 2018
Location: Chicago, IL
Venue: Reggies

NOTE: the setlist was essentially the same for the entire tour, give or take a song added or omitted here or there. Below is the setlist that followed this tour:
New Age
TV As Eyes
Zombie Warfare
March of The Chrome Police
Danger Zone
In A Dream
Anorexic Sacrifice
Third From The Sun
Eyes on Mars
Administer The Treatment
Time Slider
The Stranger

About 11 shows into the first leg of the full U.S. Chrome tour and the band plays a tight set in Chi-Town! A nice hodge-podge 40+ minutes worth of footage surfaced from this show at Reggie's in Chicago. Steven Krakow (Galactic Zoo Dossier) opened with his band Plastic Crimewave Syndicate at this show. This video was basically snagged from various social media sites from live-streamed videos of people in the crowd, it gives you a good idea of how the show was this particular evening. Helios Creed's son Eric (aka DJ Appaloosa) joined the band on stage adding some trippy effects through his crafty work on the tables!