Date: September 23, 2008
Location: Denver, CO
Venue: 3 Kings Tavern

The drive up to Denver was uneventful until we found Broadway and Archer where I tried to make a quick left turn which almost caused a major pile-up. Whoops. I forgot how nasty the traffic in Denver is.

We found The 3 Kings Tavern and soon realized we were extremely unfashionably EARLY!! But as soon as we entered, standing on the dance floor was Helios Creed himself talking to a photographer. I introduced myself and he did after a little prompting remember me from MySpace. As in all my online encounters with Mr. Creed  they have left me a little disturbed and so did my encounter with him in the flesh. I had bought my friend Justin, whom I had told that Helios Creed was one of the most original and unusual guitarists out there. Helios seemed more than a little loaded and I was worried about how the "performance" would be.
(Later in the evening I had mentioned this to the lead singer of the New Ancient Astronauts and he looked at me sagely and said "Well, it'll be a great show then, won't it." And he was most right.)

The first band that played were Mustangs and Madras. The soundboard was up too high at first but they soon got it together. Their lead guitarist had some delicious and memorable chops.

Then the New Ancient Astronauts played. I really liked these guys. They reminded me a lot of Hawkwind at their better moments. Good spacey jamming, throbbing bass and a fun and eclectic stage presence too. I really liked their Lead Guitarist/vocalist's Pilot to the Light Fantastic get-up. Their CD "Astronautilus" has been in heavy rotation ever since. :o)

Then Helios took the stage... All my worries were unfounded. He rocked! I was right up front as is my wont. He played all my Chrome faves including "Armageddon" and "3rd from the Sun." I was really impressed by his rhythm section; Aleph and Lux were spot on.

All in all it was one of the better shows I've attended. I'm sure there are those that would disagree with me but when it comes to a certain Helios Creed I'm very biased. Even more than before I feel he's one of the greatest and original guitarists of all time. Watching his technique and his insane pedal array was just so great.

And on the way home Justin turned to me and said "...after that, who needs Pink Floyd." I think he got it.

Submitted By: Robert Lee