Dual Forces: Chrome & Helios Creed (DVD)
Label: Picture Stable
Released: 2006

Chrome videos:

New Age (color version)
Meet You In The Subway
Armageddon (Live 98' Chrome reunion tour)

Helios Creed videos:

Your Spaceman
The Rant
Sandbox Jungle
Beginning Of Light (Live 06' Deep Blue Love Vacuum Tour)

-Some funny outtakes from the old Chrome videos are included
-A timeline is included spanning highlights of Helios career

This is the first "official" release of a Chrome/Helios Creed DVD. The best part of it is the pristine quality of all the old Chrome videos, plus you get the Helios music videos as well. The outtakes from the old Chrome days are very amusing, I guess you could say that it's probably the only video footage of the early Chrome years.

DVD Cover: