Here you will find sort of odd-ball things that don't really fit into any other category. Here you'll find audio recordings of radio shows that Chrome and Helios were featured on, a tour diary, press release and much more!

**If anyone has anything that would fit into the odd-ball category, please contact me so that we can add it to the site. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!**

Interview w/ Damon Edge in 1981 - Australian Radio Program Feat. Chrome (45 min. MP3 Recording)
Rip It Up & Start Again (early Chrome-era quotes from Damon & Helios)
D-99 (the origin of the Kiss To The Brain album cover)
Helios Creed Dream (impressive drawing of Helios)
On The Plane (2003 message from Helios about Dark Side Of The Sun Tour)
Chrome Tour Diary
Mid 90's Press Release From Cleopatra Records
Helios Creed Tabloid Art & More
Superior Catholic Finger Inserts
Full Shows From KUSF Radio
France Tour Book From 1995
Mailers Circa 1994/95
Deep Blue Alternate Art
Chrome: Communication Warriors - Article from Damage Issue 12/13, June 1981
Scrapped Idea For Early 2000 Chrome Release
Scrapped Idea For Helios Creed Prayer Candle
Willie Nelson And Helios Creed???
Chrome Sketches! - Live In London 2014
Gene Simmons Tries To Steal The Chrome Name
Chrome Newsletter From 1981
Butthole Surfers Cover Chrome Live In Austin, Texas!
'Chrome Communications' Mailer Mailed To Fan
Amphetamine Reptile Mini Mag

Here is a rare piece of Chrome history. This is an Australian radio broadcast of an entire show dedicated to Chrome featuring an inerview with Damon Edge from 1981 shortly after the concert Chrome played at Bologna. This show was part of a series on psychedelic music. Damon goes into depth about Chrome and talks quite a bit about Helios as well. The program was created by a Radio DJ & Producer named Tony Barrell, it's believed that Tony was with ABC at the time of this recording, however the exact station is unknown.. A huge thanks to Caspar Trimmer who dug up the tape. Here are some words from Caspar regarding this recording: "In Tony's opinion, Chrome was the most authentic psychedelic music he knew and far more like the experience of an acid trip than anything produced in the 1960's. The actual interview took place in San Francisco, with someone called Griselda. Tony and his colleagues just dubbed their own questions onto it."    ***NOTE: You can either click on the pic of Damon to hear this, or right click and select "save as" or "save link as" to save the file to a location on your computer for later viewing***

Click on the image above for some very interesting quotes from Helios Creed and Damon Edge from the early Chrome days. Simon Reynolds wrote Rip It Up And Start Again: Post Punk 1978-84, a book about the San Francisco post-punk scene from that time, very interesting stuff, and please buy the whole book!

Ever wonder where that weird green alien creature came from on the cover of Kiss To The Brain? It was from a science fiction novel from the 60's entitled D-99. Click on the image above for the full sized cover of the book.

Click on the image above to read an account from John Matthews' of a dream he had about Helios Creed. John also drew out a really nice drawing of Helios, check it out by clicking the linked image above. Please also visit to check out the entire site!

Click on the image above for an answering machine message from Helios Creed to Joe Dupre of Helios was injured in a very serious car accident just days prior to the 2003 Dark Side of The Sun Tour. This required him to have a pin placed in the middle finger of his left hand (the fret board hand!!). This message is Helios giving his thumbs up that the tour will go on, despite missing a finger!  

Click the above image for a 1998 road report diary: When Helios resurrected Chrome for the 1998 Chrome reunion tour, the bass player, Buz Deadwax kept a tour diary on the road. Pop in the live Flashback disc, take a trip back and read the tour diary. It makes for some quite interesting reading.

Click on the image above for a PDF file of a press release for Helios put out by Cleopatra Records from back in the mid 90's.

Here's some creative art from Toxic Tommy, quite amusing they are. One is a mock up made out to look like a 50's sci-fi novel, another is a mock up of a tabloid magazine, all Helios Creed related spins to them. Click the images above for the full size. Please visit Tommy's site Heathen World for all kinds of weird stuff!

Here's a couple of inserts that came with the Superior Catholic Finger record from Subterranean. Click the above images for the full sized pics.

Several times Chrome and Helios Creed have been featured on San Francisco's KUSF 90.3 FM below are a few MP3's for download of the full shows. They feature interviews, information and a nice selection of songs from Helios Creed's career.
- April 25, 2004 - Chrome Spotlight:
Part 1
Part 2
- June 28, 2009 - Helios Creed Spotlight
July 26, 2009 - Helios Creed Spotlight

This is a unique little item. It's a signed tour date book when Helios and co. toured France back in 1995. Thanks to Jean Paul Moscardi for this.

Thanks to Chad Crossan, above are some mailers  that were sent out to fans circa late 1993/early 1994. Click on the above images to view these close up. The first one has even got the lyrics to Resurrection Blue!

These are a few early ideas from the record company for upcoming releases back around late 2005/very early 2006. The first one there with Mary would later, with some modifications become part of the front cover for Deep Blue Love Vacuume. The others are ideas for a 7" record that would include the songs "Help Me Bitch" and "Things They Showed Me." The last is a pic that was an idea the inside copy of the record.

Click the above image for a PDF file of a really cool article entitled "Chrome: The Communication Warriors" by D. W. Person from Damage issue 12/13, June 1981. A great article on Chrome featuring some interesting quotes from both Damon Edge and Helios Creed.

Here's a scrapped idea for one of the early 2000 era Chrome releases - most likely for "Ghost Machine."

Here's a scrapped idea for the Helios Creed prayer candles that were sold around the time of the January 21st show at Room 710 in Austin, TX

Willie Nelson & Helios Creed you say?? What about them? Click the above image to find out!

Click the image above to see some very cool sketches from a Chrome show in Europe during the summer of 2014!

Click the image above to see the case presented of Kiss front-man Gene Simmons attempting to let his son use the CHROME band name that's been used for decades!

Click the image above for an interesting newsletter put out by Chrome in November of 1981. Lots of great info including the band's perceptions at the time of their only 2 live shows they ever played together as the original early band (Damon and Helios together). Here's a link for a full-sized download of this newsletter as well: CHROME 1981 NEWSLETTER

Click the image above to see the Butthole Surfers cover "TV As Eyes" and "March Of The Chrome Police" live in Austin, Texas in July of 2002! Video includes soundboard audio!

Click the image above to see a mailer with various items sent out to fans as communication on releases and live shows, November 1997

Click the above image for a PDF file of a mini news mag put out by Amphetamine Reptile Records in Winter of 1991. It reviews a couple of Helios Creed 7" records and also
contains the full 1991 tour date/venue list for Helios Creed U.S. tour!