There aren't many lyrics out there on paper for Helios Creed and Chrome, but there are some! A couple of the Chrome records have lyrics, which are very cool of course! I actually transcribed the lyrics from the Half Machine Lip Moves and Alien Soundtracks liner notes that featured the lyrics to the album smooshed together in the Chrome style font, so it's a lot easier to read now if you can remember what they looked like in the inserts! Here are all of the available lyrics to Helios-era Chrome and Helios solo records.

**Any other lyrics anyone may have please send to me so that they can be added, thanks!**

Alien Soundtracks
- (Chrome)
Half Machine Lip Moves - (Chrome)
Red Exposure - (Chrome)
Blood On The Moon - (Chrome)
Third From The Sun - (Chrome)

Superior Catholic Finger - (Helios Creed)
Kiss To The Brain - (Helios Creed)
Spider Prophecy - (Helios Creed)
Galactic Octopi - (Helios Creed)

X-Rated Fairy Tales (Helios Creed - X-Rated Fairy Tales)
Money Man (Helios Creed - X-Rated Fairy Tales)
Some Way Out (Helios Creed - The Last Laugh)
Resurrection Blue (Helios Creed - The Last Laugh)
Hyperventilation (Helios Creed - Boxing The Clown)
Flying Through The Either (Helios Creed - Lactating Purple)
Modular Green (Helios Creed - Lactating Purple)
Big Bang (Helios Creed - Lactating Purple)
The Warming (Helios Creed -
The Warming/Your Spaceman 7" Single)
Your Spaceman (Helios Creed - The Warming/Your Spaceman 7" Single)
Leaving The Body (Helios Creed - Cosmic Assault)
The Machine (Helios Creed - Dark Side Of The Sun)
To 2012 (Helios Creed - Deep Blue Love Vacuum)
Prophecy (Chrome - Feel It Like A Scientist)
Lady Feline (Chrome - Feel It Like A Scientist)
Something In The Cloud (Chrome - Feel It Like A Scientist)
Unbreakable Floride Lithium Plastic (Chrome - Feel It Like A Scientist)
Big Brats (Chrome - Feel It Like A Scientist)
Scaropy (Chrome - Scaropy)