Helios Creed
Superior Catholic Finger
Label: Subterranean Records
Released: 1989

Monster Lust
Mustard Dog
Superior Catholic Finger
Too Bad
The Bridge
Who Cares
The Cookie Jar


Here we can really hear Helios developing his solo style for what's to come. Much more raw and abrasive than the previous record, Superior Catholic Finger is a classic. How about the long tripped out intro to Monster Lust? Hear the train sounds in the beginning of it as Helios was a big fan of trains. Tons of weird samples of nutty preacher men and an astronaut blast-off countdown to name a few, plenty of elements that give that essence of Chrome spacey-ness that we all crave.

Helios Creed - guitar, vocals, samples
Mark Duran - bass
Todd Preuss – drums 

Inserts from the vinyl release, including one with lyrics

A cool ad from Option magazine, circa 1988

Another ad from Option magazine, circa 1988

Vintage magazine ad for Superior Catholic Finger