Issue #11

**Note: This interview was originally all in French. It was typed out in French, then plugged into an online translator in order to get the English translation. So, there's words here and there that don't make much sense and words that didn't translate well, BUT for the most part, it's a good translation**

Helios Creed is a robot, a humanoid, a mutant who has directed 'aliens. To join these extraterrestrials must be able to capture the sounds bizarre, the strange languages and voices, off periods circulating in the music of Creed father. Since the beginning, that is a 'say since the formation of CHROME, HELIOS CREED follows a road outside the trails rock classics by his way as much noise as possible. At the risk of no longer really be renewed, but we forgive him because he is the creator of a sound which is proper, it continues at the discretion of fads and trends to 'satisfy his passion, using its machines, gadgets and other objects built by him. In short, this marginal this times have fun as a sorcerer.

It's in your discs a foreign atmosphere, from where did it come from?

I do not know really. I try especially to have an original sound, not to sound like everyone else. I think I managed to find tonalites no one else does and that is probably the only such atmospheres are a bit peculiar. And then the samples that I use for a long time probably also participated in creating a special atmosphere.

You have been one of the first to use samplers, no?

Yes, it is possible, I've never really thought but it is true that they are, to be used for their release. It's so easy to have a sound genial with a sampler. We sampled guitars, mine or that of others as HENDRIX, but also packed truck engine sounds, train sounds ... Most of our "samploteque" they were collection on the road. As soon as we heard a sound that we part, it is recorded, there are millions in reserve ...

You're always looking to the new sounds?

Yes, always. It's not really a commercial gait but someone has to! (Laughs)

And for your guitar, how do you get this unique sound?

I'm still fiddling my amps. Wholesale AC passed through a synthesizer and then I tamper with all sorts of pedals. It took me years to get what I wanted to have this sound that nobody has. If you want, I'll make the scheme ...

Have you already been imitated?

Yes, but without success. (Laughs) I've never heard someone who sounded like me. I understand that some people ... There's a guy who wrote me and wanted me to file my shots very precisely so I gave him a hyper-detailed plan. Good luck to him...

What was your evolution for fifteen years?

I want to go to the garage psychedelic grunge grunge ... No I say, but I do not like that word. In fact I do not think we're grunge but rather Sonics ...

You consider your music as psychedelic?

If you think, makes me happy ... Yes, actually I think it is. Psych is a movement that will never die. Sure, it combines a certain drug but not for me as negative as this shit crack c... And then you don 't need to be in a psychedelic state to appreciate this music. Many people have some idea of psychedelic arrested but not necessarily this stupid thing from the sixties. It can be much heavier, harder. At once beautiful and frightening. There is no one kind of psychedelia.

Do you feel close to the tribal music?

Yes, enormously. For me the essence of music, drugs, is the connection between these two things without taboos. But you know, everyone has a tribe and everyone takes drugs ... (laughs) The problem is that now it does things terrifying. From fucking poison ... Especially in the States ... (Helios takes a serious look) You know, those things kill a blow and hopefully it will never happen to you because it is completely ruining our country. There is more creative inspiration and this kind of thing that can make natural drugs and that takes forever. The new router has a crack as objective: destroy. And perhaps that arranges the government...

You believe as some that there may be some kind of conspiracy organized by the government or other authorities more obscure?

The CIA? Yes of course! They have already refile the coke and now it's crack! The aim is to terrify the poor, especially blacks, for several reasons, and to separate the communities. During the sixties with the hippie movement, people are getting close and it was dangerous for U.S. institutions based on the separation. It is known that the CIA has done everything to stop AC (silence) ... that's why they voted Clinton. You know, all the "baby boomers" like me are tired of guys like Bush, completely manipulated by the CIA. I'm really glad that Clinton has been elected, I do not know if he works for Bush (laughs) but he seems better and more credible. It is not for this that I make him really be trusted, I just find that compared to this other crap, he really is better ... And then he has always been in solidarity with women, gays. We do not want Bush here, maybe it's like the Russians, they want more AC either.

You parlays a kind of conspiracy ...

Yes, The CIA directs everything and always direct. They are phenomenal power tune. It's no secret that they want with the drug, it makes it seem so logical ...

And you musicians, you feel concretely this manipulation?

With the drug is on. They want leadership that crack and become vegetables. Finally, they can always try! You know, we're not so dumb, smoke joints but of course we will not go and screw up with this shit! During the sixties, when the psychedelic movement was at its apogee, it was dangerous for them, people opened their eyes to this world and clearly saw what a mess it was. Then they released ices new drugs to stop all this. It's really very wicked ... They do not want to smoke pot, then they have scale crack at a price defying any competition, even a mome can afford a dose with his pocket money. You take and you do more than to leave you to drift slowly to death without doing anything else. They want to eliminate about two million people, troublemakers. You can not believe it, I know it sounds so big, but in any case in the States, more and more people are beginning to take this theory very seriously.

Yet Clinton admits he smoked grass.

It's strange this thing. A few years ago, a governor said the same thing and he got fired pronto! Now we learn that our President has also smokes and AC petards past. In the U.S., there really are plenty of people who smoke, and is competent to vote. In my opinion, is very well considered and as electoral gait. He knows we love his stance against the Viet Nam and joints is the same thing. You know what I mean ... Well, we hated Bush and his government motherfuckers when we are glad he's the same.

In your songs, you speak of these things, or rather of intimate things?

Both. The world is really very hard and with the unification of Europe, you will become even stronger than us. There will be a new order but when I see how you move, it makes me really freak out. In fifteen years, I think your continent has completely changed, you are becoming like us. Stop yourself!

If you had your music to picture what you feel ...

This is probably a volcano, all this energy has both positive and gross. What I love volcanoes, that is this power, and then it is vital for the planet. When I read the "National Geographic" (ancestor of our Geo-ndr), I am always fascinated by these eruptions, the lava flows. I dream to be able to attend a rash one day and then I can sample the sounds! (Laughs)  

It's not too hard for you to remain an underground artist?

Sometimes so, because we can not find my disk anywhere and then there is not always a lot of people at my concerts. They forget you because the unmistakable net e no way. Actually, it was a hard time but now I have made.

How did you meet people of Amphetamine Reptile Records?

I was going to sign with Sub Pop but I did not like these guys, and I learned that people of Am-Rep were interested in my music. At that time I called the contact Tom Hazelmeyer (label boss and also leader of the group Halo of Flies) was great. They sent me a contract and two thousand dollars. We immediately had an honest relationship with Tom. Its label has grown and he never grabs the big head. It's really a great label.

Did you sign on a label of north because your music is more akin to that which is done over there?

I'm not sure. What is certain is that North, life is much more difficult and that is why AC is resent in the music, but actually I've never really thought ... Probably ... In all If lice me, the big influence was Hawaii, where I was high. It was magnificent, a purr eve, while u sit grandis Minneapolis, your youth will be more negative, more than destroy. For AC found in my music this side positive psyche. Living in Hawaii has taught me to be happy in my head. That 's why the punks that probably never was able to Blair ... (laughs)

With CHROME, then solo, you've crossed several times and therefore musical styles. Beside which do you feel the most affinity?

With music now unquestionably ...

Why did you leave CHROME?

Damon Edge did not do concerts with me. He just wanted to get the wheat, the group becomes big, and also by the same occasion. Damon was afraid that I will make him the shadow, so what could I do? He wanted to be the star of the group. Initially, I was singing, but soon he wanted to be the one to sing ... It's good when he sings three songs but a whole album, is squarely boring ... Not that I was really better but his attitude was the jerk who annoys me, so he wanted to fire me ... It was hopeless!

CHROME without you does not sound at all like that.

True, it was complementary. When I am broken, Chrome has become something else. In fact I'm not really broken, it was he who moved out.

What was your state of mind when you started the band?

We wanted to be a punk band. 75, there was a time! We listened to him all these things ... We did some concerts like this. Damon had a fabulous collection of tapes of all kinds, all styles of records, tips about sex, movie sound effects, some really weird, and I said that it would be great if they could mix in our music into a kind of psychedelic punk. It did not exist back then, so we recorded "Alien Soundtracks." The punks hated us, there were only the nerds who appreciate us. (Laughs)

What were the contacts with bands like Flipper?

They are buddies except Bruce, who takes me for a dick, or I know them very well. Flipper has been an influence for me when they played live. I remember that I often see them on acid and their way of playing made me squarely at the time delirious. It was so special and destroy and then they were the only ones to play slowly, and it was what I needed so I can fully appreciate my trip (laughs).

When one listens to the first CHROME, it seems that there is no real influences so it was unique era.

If there were of course lots of things. With Damon one listened a lot of stuff like PISTOLS, but also the BEATLES or KING CRIMSON or all of these people who were experimenting. What I prefer the Beatles or KING CRIMSON, it cuts just experimental. Even if it does not really feel, we were quite influential.

In fact it seems that now that your music likes and influence.

True, there are even groups of kids who play music that resembles CHROME CHROME unaware that there was, just because they have listened to older groups that they knew our group.

What do you think of the resumption of JESUS LIZARD?

I was very flattered! I just listened once or twice because I did not single. I know it's a damn good band but it is difficult to judge one of his tracks played by others. I was surprised when I learned this because their music is very different from ours, but it flatters me.

This is a way to say that influence has CHROME.

Yes indeed, but what makes me a little sad to see is that lots of bands who claim CHROME are becoming important and I always find it difficult to pierce. It may seem pretentious to say even when AC but am bitter.  

These groups signed to the majors. Would you accept such an offer?

For now I have had no contact, but after this tour I would do the steps and if it does not work, I drop. I'm tired of galleries.

When your music is even difficult to access.

Yes, but not more than some groups commencet walking. It is sufficient that people hear a little powerful, they get used to this kind of sound.

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