Chrome - The Story of Pat Stevens (2014)
By: Neil Martinson
Originally Included with "Chrome Box - Revisted" on Cleopatra Records

It's a pleasure to be able to host this here for all with the permission of Neil Martinson. The first ever printed full on book strictly on Chrome, the print copy of this is only included within the "Chrome Box - Revisited" set from Cleopatra Records, released in 2014. However, many of us already owned all the albums and maybe didn't have the scratch to toss at purchasing all the music again even with the allure of the packaging and this book included. So, Neil has been gracious enough to send the PDF of his book to anyone who asks. So here it is and well worth reading every word here! I HIGHLY recommend seeking out the book if you can. I searched for a long time and one finally popped up on eBay, a seller selling only the book from the box set mentioned here, so I got the book for much cheaper than having to fork out the funds for the entire box set. It's a beautiful looking book too, with the Chrome band font on the cover in beautiful foiled text lettering (see pic below). So until you're able to hunt down a copy of this book, here's the PDF free for the taking. Well, even when you get the printed version, it's still great to have a digital archive of it as well!

**Click the cover of the book below to download the full PDF - Or right-click and "save link as" or "save target as" to save to a location of your choice