Date: July 17, 2010
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: The Redwood

A Very Chrome Sunday Mixtape
July 18, 2010
Swan Fungus

I got to see Chrome last night at The Redwood downtown. Well, I saw Helios Creed playing Chrome songs…Damon died like fifteen years ago and I’m pretty sure the other guys were hired guns: Aleph on drums, Lux on bass, and the keyboard player who I see all over town who kind of looks like Eddie Izzard. I’m going to go ahead an say it was Chrome. Maybe you fuckers who saw the band in its early incarnation can really say you saw Chrome, but going to shows is a lot like playing baseball. What? Yeah, I said that. In that sport, when batters swing and nub the ball three feet in front of home plate but beat the throw to first, teammates will say, “It’ll be a line-drive in the box score tomorrow” meaning that a hit is a hit no matter how hard one hits the ball. Likewise, a concert is a concert no matter who’s in the band. So I saw Chrome just like you old fuckers saw Chrome. The same holds true for all bands, like Mike Love’s Beach Boys (ouch!) and Old Skull*. By the way, speaking of old fuckers, the audience last night was made up almost entirely of people who I recognized from work and old punks. I felt slightly out of place if only because I had a full head of hair. No offense, old guys, I mean that in the sense that I wish more people my age respected Chrome. Eh…I guess they played Part Time Punks a few years ago. That has to count for something.