Half Machine From The Sun (The Lost Tracks - '79 to '80)
Label: King Of Spades Records
Released: 2013

Looking For Your Door
Tomorrow Yesterday
The Inevitable
Fukishima (Nagasaki)
Charlie's Little Problem
Sound And Light
Autobahn Brazil
Sub Machine
The Rain
Something Rhythmic (I Can't Wait)
Housewarming Party

Incredible thing that this was released! After decades locked in the vaults (due to an unpaid bill!), Chrome fans are treated to LOST TRACKS from the early days of Chrome, 1979 through 1980. This stuff was remastered beautifully and brought to life through a campaign started by Helios Creed. Thanks to the fans, we were able to get these songs out, pressed on vinyl and cd and made available! You can totally hear sounds from Half Machine Lip Moves and Red Exposure in here, even a tad of Blood On The Moon I think with the last track "Sunset." Incredible collection of early Chrome songs, a real thing of beauty!

Damon Edge - keys, synthesizer, drums, moog effects, tambourine
Helios Creed - guitar, bass, vocals, keys, noise wackiness

'All tracks were originally engineered by Oliver DiCicco at Mobius Music Recordings. Final mixing was completed by Helios Creed and Jay Tausig at Studio Lemuria and all tracks were mastered by Jay Tausig. All tracks were written and composed, produced and performed by Damon Edge and Helios Creed except Morrison written by Damon Edge and Anything, Looking for Your Door, Sound & Light, Sub Machine and The Rain which were written by Helios Creed.'

Click here to check out a pic of the early Christmas that arrived on a Saturday afternoon. After having the digital download for quite a bit, getting the real deal was great. The DOUBLE vinyl came in either black, orange or purple.... Mine arrived with what I wanted luckily - PURPLE vinyl for this baby. Awesome package, great liner notes from Helios.

Chrome Pledge Promo (campaign to release this Chrome Treasure-Trove):

Helios Listens To Lost Chrome Tracks For First Time (pt 1):

Helios Listens To Lost Chrome Tracks For First Time (pt 2):

"Anything" & "Something Rhythmic" from Half Machine From The Sun: