Date: November 5, 1991
Location: Norfolk, VA
Venue: King's Head Inn

In 1991 Helios played at the Kings Head Inn here in town (closed now)
and it was the first opportunity I had ever had to see him. I had most
ALL of the chrome/edge back catalog as well as every helios solo
effort to date - I am definately on the Helios fan side from the Chrome
years...I like damon edge and all...but chrome after helios was gone
something was missing. Turns out that *something* was availible on
helio's solo albums.

Anyway I was so excited I packed all my records in a backpack with
hopes of them getting signed and left for the show early. It really didnt
occur to me that I might be a dick for wanting the poor guy to autograph
everything, as I was practically as giddy as an english girl waiting for the
beatles at Heathrow in 1964. When I noticed that he was unpacking
his own instruments from a beat up van on a sidewalk in front of the place
I felt like a total ass and offered to help. He said that it was no big deal
then asked to see what albums I had in the open backpack. When I pulled
out the chrome box he said "well thats know there arent
many of those around...I never even got a copy of that one for myself!" Anyway
turns out that you could not pick a cooler guy to be a fan of. He graciously
invited me into the as yet unopened club, proceeded to sign EVERYTHING
all the while telling stories about the records he was signing, and when he
came to the chrome box he decided to move to a better table with better
light, cause he wanted to make sure he didnt 'mess up and smudge " the silver
paint pen I gave him to autograph the album with. - How cool is that.

He gave me permission to get a tape of the show from the soundboard and
I got invited back to the house they were staying at while in town. Did you
know that Helios is a frop expert? true story...

Anyway a totally INCREDIBLE experience for a young fanboi, and one that
I have never forgotten.