Alien Soundtracks
Label: Siren Records
Released: 1977

Chromosome Damage
The Monitors
All Data Lost
SS Cygni
Nova Feedback
Pigmies in Zee Park 
Slip it to the Android
Pharoah Chromium
Magnetic Dwarf Reptile

The second Chrome record, but the first that Helios Creed enters the band and changes everything with his unique brand of guitar playing. Recorded on a 4 track recorder in a living room, this is true psychedelic/acid punk music! Just trashy, garagey, weird, and very psychedelic. Samples from television, effect and fuzz laden guitars, you'll be sent on quite a strange trip with this one. This is the first taste of true Chrome to come!

Damon Edge - drums, moogs, tapes
Helios Creed - guitars, vocals, bass
Gary Spain - bass, violin, glass synths, vocals on ST37
John Lambdin - guitars, violin, bass

There's been speculation from some people as to what year this record had originally been released... some claim 1978, others 1977.... Well, here it is printed right on an original Siren Records pressing, 1977 is in fact the year that Alien Soundtracks was unleashed into the psychedelic/punk underground!

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