Kiss To The Brain - Album Review
Organ No. 31

Bands like Helios Creed have been doing this sort of thing for a long time now, so it’s interesting that the American “Indie” underground should finally hook into it all. Helios Creed mix the punky Sci-Fi space mayhem of Hawkwind with a bit of Magic Moments At Twilight Time (M.M.A.T.T all the way from Camberley, write them at 6 Farm Court, Farm Road, Frimley, Camerley, Surrey, GU16 5TJ. Check out the Magic Moment tape albums, we apologize for that interruption from the Ford Psychotron. Back to Helios Creed). Hawk powered space rock fizzing out with U.S. indie guitar sounds that originated in the Hawk sound anyway; Sonic Youth stole half their sound from Hawkwind and Nine Inch Nails stole the other half. The establishment ‘undergound’ has finally woken up to the real underground (wonder what Sheriff Carl Howard over at AT makes of it all?). Kiss To The Brain opens up in grandious pomp filled prog style and gives way to something that’s feeding of the Warrior At The Edge Of Time, that gives way to some dramatic Hawk-metal. There’s bits that sound like early Blue Oyster Cult. Bits of Gong rocking out. They’ve got some really rich guitar sounds. Little bits of Poisoned Electrick Head/Devo. A delightful bit of Dominitrix sex…. Smell the leather, Taste the whip… Most of the time were dealing with classic space guitar and synthesizer and although there’s samplers bubbling here and there, we don’t get boged down in 90’s technology. Highly recommended.