Helios Creed Interview

Circa 1994
Incredible Shrinking Fanzine - Issue #6/7

Some Memories of The Fanzine Publisher Below:
We were sent this with a couple of releases in the early-mid 1990s. They then played the Subway with label mates Vertigo. I have a feeling that Forkeye (Edinburgh) may also have played this show too.
After the show we interviewed the big guy Helios upstairs in the old DJ booth at the venue. Unfortunately we couldn't help him get a 'smoke' but he was a nice geezer from memory. Perhaps better known for his work in the mid 1970s with Chrome he had a massive selection of pedals that the 'raw' acoustics of The Subway struggled to accomodate. Cited as a major influence by the Butthole Surfers (amongst others) I will have to dig that record out again..