Rock Legend, Helios Creed of The Band Chrome - The Jack Blood Show
May 18, 2014
By: Jack Blood
The Jack Blood Show

Great interview with Helios Creed and Lou Minatti on the Jack Blood Show just prior to departing for their tour of Europe. Lots of talks about conspiracies, and much talk about Chrome and music, many funny moments. Some tracks from the new Chrome record "Feel It Like A Scientist" are played as well. Definitely one to save. Big thanks to Jack Blood for giving the ok to host this interview on the site.

'Known by notable artists as “THE GODFATHER OF INDUSTRIAL ROCK”….

Welcome to The Jack Blood Show!  This Exclusive UNSCRIPTED interview took place May 16th 2014 – As Chrome is about to take Europe by storm! (SEE DATES VIA FACEBOOK LINK)

in this exclusive interview, Jack Blood, Helios Creed, and Chrome Guitarist Lou Manatti, discuss : Drugs, Alternative music now and then, Esoteric Symbolism in modern music, Helios experience living next to Bohemian Grove, The State of our age, 911, TV, The Elites, the state of our digital age, and higher consciousness where you can find it…

The NEW Chrome Record is just out! “Feel it like a Scientist”  – Jack Plays some of the new tracks for the first time on Radio! – We merge that with the classics!'


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