Helios Creed
Spider Prophecy
Label: Dossier
Released: 2002

Looking For You
Die To Fly
Brown Spider
Back Door
Love Is A Crimson Red
Many Horses
The People At The Bottom
The Man
Was It Just A Dream
Old Chevy

This is a really great record. We've got the Weiss brothers again, so a nice solid rhythm section here. Tons of great guitar work from Helios. Love Is A Crimson Red has just some insane backwards warped guitar that just rips your head off. Mars is great, just a really slow, dirgey song with some great spacey guitar work that massages the brain and puts you in a nice place. Many Horses is also really good, it's like a ping pong or something going back forth in your brain as Helios guitar work sears like a sorcerer waving his lysergic psychedelic wand. The bass in Spider has a crinkly sort of sound that resembles the legs of a spider walking.

Helios Creed - guitar, vocals, synths
Andrew Weiss - bass, keyboards
Jon Weiss - drums, keyboards
Z Sylver - synths, vocals

*UPDATE June 2017: Check out an outtake/demo of a song from this record entitled "Witchdiktor" in the first video below. This is an early version of the song "Mars" that would end up on Spider Prophecy. This song highlights Helios' searing psychedelic, acid guitar leads. It massages the brain quite nicely.