Helios Creed
Spider Prophecy
Label: Dossier
Released: 2002

Looking For You
Die To Fly
Brown Spider
Back Door
Love Is A Crimson Red
Many Horses
The People At The Bottom
The Man
Was It Just A Dream
Old Chevy

This is a really great record. We've got the Weiss brothers again, so a nice solid rhythm section here. Tons of great guitar work from Helios. Love Is A Crimson Red has just some insane backwards warped guitar that just rips your head off. Mars is great, just a really slow, dirgey song with some great spacey guitar work that massages the brain and puts you in a nice place. Many Horses is also really good, it's like a ping pong or something going back forth in your brain as Helios guitar work sears like a sorcerer waving his lysergic psychedelic wand. The bass in Spider has a crinkly sort of sound that resembles the legs of a spider walking.

Helios Creed - guitar, vocals, synths
Andrew Weiss - bass, keyboards
Jon Weiss - drums, keyboards
Z Sylver - synths, vocals