Date: July 12, 2015
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: Echoplex
Review By: House Of Guvera

Nightly Discord – Chrome
July 14, 2015 at 9:00 pm
By Stories
House Of Guerva

My Friend Nat loves to meet people. She’s one of those girls whose welcoming smile is a neon lit “open for biz” sign for the world’s biggest weirdos. Every time I turn around some new goofball, usually with a disorder or maybe just fell out of a truck or something, is giving her an earful of nonsense. The other night she met 11 different freaky humans in the span of a few hours. She met a nice cowboy from Texas, a large Rasta man with dreads down to his butt, a lesbian who tried to kiss her mid sentence, and a man named Tony. She met Tony, who was by far the kookiest of the bunch, at the packed out Chrome show at the Echo. Chrome is no stranger to the weird, Helios Creed and company have been doing it in some form for like 30 years. They’ve pioneered a lot of factions inside of rock music, combining synthesizers, acid rock and sci-fi sounds with cut up production techniques and banging on shit like steel and singing through telephones. So the weirdos come out and play for a Chrome show, and this night Tony won the award. He was dressed like a camel herder from Conan the Barbarian, with like 14 different layers of fringe and velvet and back packs with shit dangling everywhere. He was asking me very gear heady, nerd specific camera questions like, “What’s the low light capabilities of this particular model compared to this one?” or “Do I prefer prime lenses?” So assuming he must be a photographer I asked him, “Are you a photographer?” To which he replied, “Oh no no I much prefer explorations into linear time expansion as opposed to mundane directional composition.” Then he reached into one of his 38 pockets and pulled out a little spooky ball with tons of numbers written on it and insisted Nat bounce it on the ground, revealing her secret retarded number. “Whoa 53,” he said puzzled with life’s mysteries. “What’s that mean?” Nat asked. “I don’t know….Bounce it again,” Tony replied. “Ok so what does that one mean?” she asked again. “24?…Huh…No idea…” he again replied. I am a very patient man, but not that patient. So I went and hung with the normal weirdos and watched Chrome finish they’re amazingly freaky, acid punk rock set.