Cosmic Assault – Album Review
Crohinga Well No. 12

Helios Creed is a steady household name in San Francisco’s underground scene, has been since the seventies with his band Chrome and since the mid-eighties as a solo act. “Cosmic Assault” (eleven tracks/44 minutes) is already the eighth studio album he recorded in ten years time and I must admit that there is some wear on the bizarre, science fiction-edged wall of sound he produces. Mind you, this is still a very good album and tracks like “Leaving The Body”, “Pounders” or “Altered States” still carry the same weird thrill as does older material from LPs like “Kiss To The Brain” or “X-Rated Fairy Tales”. Helios Creed recorded his latest with the help of Chris McKay (bass), Z Sylver (keys) and Paul Della Pelle (drums), names some of which we also know from Nik Turner’s backing band and from that other Cleopatra act Anubian Lights.