The interviews section of the site is very extensive. There are lots of Helios interviews scattered across the internet, this section will consolidate all the interviews into one spot for fans to locate. It will also serve as an archiving database for all the interviews as there are times where web-based interviews are lost due to dead links or the publications that contain interviews go out of print and are pretty much lost. Also included are any images that were included with the corresponding interviews, the images will be included at the bottom of the page after the corresponding interview. I hope you fans enjoy the interviews section of the site with all of the information as much of it was painstakingly re-typed from scratch.

**If anyone has any interviews that are not included here, please contact me so that we can add it to the site.**
*all interviews republished under the fair use doctrine*

Helios Creed Interview - Incoherent House Zine (1983)
Helios Creed Interview - Maximum Rock & Roll (1989)
Helios Creed Interview - Your Flesh (1989)
Bright Sky Tracks On Acid - Skug (1990)
An interview with... Helios Creed - Sprogg (1990)
Helios Creed Interview - Flipside Magazine (1990)
Helios Creed Interview - Rebel Sound (1992)
Helios Creed Interview - Hyacinth (1993)
Helios Creed Interview - By: Stuart Barr  (circa 1993)
Helios Creed Interview - Fear And Loathing (1993)
Helios Creed: The Forbidden Planet - Rockerilla (1993)
Helios Creed Interview - Off The Deep End (circa 1993)
Helios Creed Interviews James Brown - Thora-Zine (1994)
The Flipside of Nik Turner - Flipside Magazine (1994)
Heios Creed Interview - Under The Volcano (1994)
Helios Creed Interview - Incredible Shrinking Fanzine (1994)
Helios Creed Interview - Carbon 14 (1995)
A Nice Space To Visit... An Interview With Helios Creed - Gearhead (1997)
Toxic Tommy Talks To Helios Creed - Pretentious Shit (1997)
Helios Creed Interview - Flipside Magazine (1997)
Helios Creed  Interview - By: Ryka Hyde for CWLE (circa 1997)
Helios Creed Interview - Bad Acid Magazine (circa 1998)
Toxic Tommy Interviews Helios Creed - Heathen World (circa 2002)
Helios Creed Interview - Mark Prindle's Record Reviews (2003)
Helios Creed Interview - By: Andrew Mullen (2004)
Talkin Greed With Helios Creed - By:  Beky Hayes (2005)
Helios Creed Interview - Psychotropic Zone (2006)
Helios Creed Interview - By: Steve Smith (2006)
Helios Creed Interview - Psych Trail Mix (2008)
Interview with Helios Creed - By: Chuck Key (2008)
Anti-Fade: Chrome's Helios Creed Marches On - Stomp and Stammer Magazine (2008)
Chrome's Own Helios Creed - Punk Globe (2011)
Third Time's The Charm: A Digital Q&A With Acid Punk Pioneer Helios Creed - Paraphilia Magazine (2014)
The Darkness And The Light Co-Exist - The Helios Creed Interview - Caught In The Carousel (2014)
Rock Legend Helios Creed of Chrome - Jack Blood Show (2014)
How Many Years Too Soon: Interview With Helios Creed - Radio On Berlin (2014) *AUDIO DOWNLOAD
Chrome - Fear And Loathing Fanzine (2014)
Lucifer Over LA W/Helios Creed - NTS Radio (2017) *AUDIO DOWNLOAD
Chrome Interview - Eagle 98.1 (2018)
Chrome - Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine (2018) *AUDIO DOWNLOAD