Date: June 4, 2018
Location: Atlanta, GA
Venue: EARL


New Age
TV As Eyes
Zombie Warfare
March of The Chrome Police
Danger Zone
In A Dream
Anorexic Sacrifice
Third From The  Sun
Eyes On Mars
Administer The Treatment
Black Diamond
Meet You In The Subway


Lineage: Church Audio CA-14 cardioids clipped to glasses > Ugly Battery Box > Roland R-05 [24 bit wave-48k]. Mastered in Sound Forge to remove inaudible frequencies below 20hz, compressed track at 1.5 to 1 starting at -24 db, slight EQ to boost low end around 40-80hz by 1 db and boost upper mids 1 db and 1 db boost @ 12k. Channels balanced by boosting the left by .85 db. Imported 24-48k file into Audacity to add track labels and exported as FLAC level 8 -16 bit. Checksum in Traders Little Helper-[no errors].

A good crowd on hand to see Helios and his band crank out the Chrome back catalog plus they played a relative new song. The audio was captured from the left side of the stage, in front of the guitar and synth amps, just below the overhead monitors and just behind the stage monitors. This recording captures largely the sound coming off the stage and not so much the PA. Crank this up on a good stereo to recreate the concert experience.

I grabbed the setlist off the stage when the band left before the encore [photo included] and the guy on my right, Jeff Clark joking said, 'How are they going to know the encore?'. I decided to place it on the monitor directly in front of me where the guitarist could see it and immediately the person to my left snatched it away. You hear me shout...Hey! Fortunately their sense of fair play kicked in and I got it back. Good thing because I only recognized a few of these pieces.

Please share freely, but never sell. Support the band by attending their shows when you can and buying their official merchandise. Never upload these files in a lossy format.

-----Solar Wind-----Atlanta-----

FULL Audio Recording: **DOWNLOAD**