Helios Creed
X-Rated Fairy Tales
Label: Subterranean Records
Released: 1985

The Descent
Un-Human Condition
X-Rated Fairy Tales
Blood Red
Mystery Room
Sex Voodoo Venus
Money Man


Helios first solo record after his departure from Chrome. You can hear him starting to develop his own sound for his solo career a bit with this record. You can hear some Chrome influence in these songs, although they are quite a bit more structured as songs in the traditional sense, but still have the weird, eerie element going on. I mean just listen to Un-Human Condition, it's weird as hell and has that great fuzzed out acid guitar we will hear for many more years to come.

Helios Creed - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, synths
Bill Roth - tambourine, maracas, drums, percussion
Mark Duran - bass 
Aidan Carlan - Keyboards

Elena Holt - backing vocals on X-Rated Fairy Tales

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