Chrome was a big influence on the Butthole Surfers music. You probably don't need to listen too hard to get that point! They even invited Helios Creed to play guitar on two songs for their first major label release, Independent Worm Saloon on Capitol Records in 1993. Helios plays guitar on "The Annoying Song" and "Clean It Up." Click Here to read some comments from the Buttholes about playing with Helios. The Butthole Surfers played a short mini tour in the summer of 2002 and for a few shows they opened their set by covering 2 Chrome songs; "TV As Eyes" and "March of The Chrome Police." Check out the video below of the Butthole Surfers covering Chrome, video includes excellent sound quality as the board recording was synced in by Craig Smith! I'm also offering the full, uncompressed video file for download as well for those who wish not to be limited to youtube compressed videos only. Enjoy.

*Full, Uncompressed 750 MB MKV Video: **DOWNLOAD**

Video By: Dave Prewitt /
Audio Sync: Craig Smith