The Freed Creed
By: Christopher Gray
Austin Chronicle
January 21, 2005

"He's a fun guy to record with," says Honky and $5 Rock bassman Jeff Pinkus of underground guitar icon and temporary bandmate Helios Creed. "Interesting fella." Creed has been staying with some friends in Smithville and assembled a pickup band for some recording and Fridays show at Room 710 with Dixie Witch, the Sword, and Tia Carrera. Despite Creed's litany of health problems, Pinkus says working with the space-rock pioneer has been inspiring. "He's got eternal youth inside him," he marvels. "He just loves to play it doesn't matter where or when." The band, also including Jerry Page of Crust and drummer Paul Delatela, has been rehearsing songs from several Creed albums The Last Laugh, Superior Catholic Finger, Lactating Purple as well as a couple of Chrome numbers, but Pinkus says the final set list is anyones guess. "It's a big mystery for all of us," he admits. "If one of us doesn't know the songs, hopefully the others will be playing loud enough to cover it up."