“Nugg” The Transport
Album Review
Crohinga Well No. 13

This must be the ninth studio album by Helios Creed, if I’m not mistaken, and after all these years there still aren’t any signs of rust of metal fatigue upon the chrome-plated time machine that takes you a few centuries into the future. Helios Creed still handles guitar, bass, synthesizer and distorted vocals with the uttermost skill. On his daring voyages in time and space he is helped in the neon-lit command capsule by Z Sylver (synth, samples), Jeff Pinkus (bass) and Rey Washam, Paul Della Pelle and Frank Gary Martin (yes, three different drummers). Music-wise, little has changed since previous albums but no loss in musical strength or psychedelic weirdness occurred: short, fast tracks like “Vacuum Cleaner,” “Scorpio Girl,” and “Sonic Boom” are still able to drill psychic holes in your frontal lobes while longer, less rhythmic compositions like “Obducted-Leaving” and “Alien Landscape” only add fuel to the process of mental alienation in Helios Creed’s music. Like I said: a very good album (twelve tracks/47 mins.) in the own musical tradition he built up over the years. Fans will love it, others will be looking for the emergency exit.