Excerpt from Butthole Surfers Interview
The Hole Truth... And Nothing Butt

By: Carlos Nunez
Fiz Magazine
March/April 1993

Fiz: Are you going to be touring soon?
Jeff: I don't think we have much time to do any touring right now. We have a whole album's bunch to record.
Fiz: So, maybe later this year the new album will come out?
Jeff: Yeah. Yeah, I really like the new songs.
Paul: Helios Creed plays guitar on the album. The most notable of the songs is called "Clean It Up."
Gibby: In which we finally got the pleasure to jam with Helios Creed.
Paul: You can tell that his guitar really stands out like Helios.
Jeff: It's like a catfight at the end.

Fiz Magazine Cover:

Gibby Haynes Wearing Heios Creed T-Shirt Talking To A Masked Al Jourgensen (Ministry)
Lollapalooza 1992