Helios Creed Interview
By: Steve Smith

Skull Ring

1. Greetings, Helios Creed. First of all, tell us a little about yourself. What do you do when you aren't making music?

Model trains, strange relationships with ladies, pure laziness, and I paint a little.

2. Let's talk about Chrome a little. How did that band come about?

Well it started with Damon-drums, "John-guitar, Gary-bass, and Mike-vocals. I was doing this little space folk thing with Gary on violin. We played at small clubs for change. It was 75-76, the end of the disco era, but I really wanted to make a band space rock and he told me he was in this band Chrome and they just finished an album. He brought me a copy and I heard potential and really liked the spaceyness of it. Well the record didn't do well and the band fell apart. The record was called The Visitation. Damon and Gary stuck it out, and Gary told Damon I was interested in working with them, so I met with Damon and told him they needed me hehe and the rest is history.

3. Was it difficult performing live with Chrome? It seems like the recorded material would be hard to translate live....

Not really it was always as weird and punk as we could get and we rocked hard. I always loved playing Chrome songs.

4. What is your personal favorite Chrome album?

Oh I would say "Half Machine Lip Moves" but I did love them all I felt like "they's all my chilin".

5. What events led up to your departure from Chrome?

Oh personal differences and I wanted to do a solo thing for quite a while. Time to move on I guess…

6. There is a noticeable difference between Chrome's sound and your solo efforts. Was that intentional on your part? How would you describe the difference between the two?

Well yes I didn't want it to sound too much like chrome, maybe it was just natural evolvement and the freedom to do what ever I wanted.

7. What is your personal favorite Helios Creed album? Mine's LACTATING PURPLE...

Yes I'm fond of that one too. That’s a good question though, they're all my children I always say so I'm digging on the new baby lately "album"{ Deep Blue Love Vacuum}. I love the way Paul on drums and Jeff Pinkus on bass play together. "Superior Catholic Finger" has always been one of my favorites too…

8. You have a very prolific output, but yet your work never grows stagnant. Your new album, DEEP BLUE LOVE VACUUM has a very refreshing sound. What did you do to make this album sound so unique?

I always try to take things in a different direction and hope it’s a one of a kind, and try not to repeat what I've already made.

9. What are your strongest musical influences?

Jimi hendrix- Sex Pistols- Snake Finger-old Rolling Stones-King Crimson- and there's a lot more but that’s the basics for me I guess..

10. Are there any movies and books that have strongly influenced you?

The Angry Red Planet-Alien-Plan 9-Star Trek-Carrie-Texas Chainsaw M- 2001 Space O. and much more but I’d have to say these movies and a hit of acid did the damage hehe.

11. To me, space rock has not gotten the recognition it deserves. Do you it will ever make its way to the masses?

I used to think so but now I see earth people are too earth bound. They can't seem to go to that other dimension in their minds. But if it ever does get mass popularity I think this world would be a cooler place. I don't see that happening but I'm always hopeful…

12. Thank you for your time. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah we don't play out that much these days so you may want to check us out.