Toxic Tommy Interviews Helios Creed
By: Toxic Tommy
Heathen World

TOXIC TOMMY: For the record, what's your name and profession?
HELIOS CREED: I'm Helios Creed, a musician, and I do Chrome and Helios Creed.

T: Are you doing Chrome now?
H: Yeah, I'm doing a new Chrome project with the original drum and bass section, John and Hillary Hanes.

T: The Stenches?!
H: Yeah, they used to be known as The Stenches.

T: Is this the new release on Kozik's Man's Ruin label?
H: Yeah, that was a hook, a baited hook to see if there's any interest.

T: What do you mean by a "baited hook"?
H: Well, since its been so long since I did Chrome I didn't want to waste my time putting all this work into something and have a lack of interest in it. You know what I mean?

T: Yeah, I haven't seen it. I'm having a hell of a hard time tracking down a copy. What exactly is it? Is Damen on it?
H: No, Damen isn't on this, its just me and people I hired to put together the first Chrome niblet.

T: Does it sound anything like the old Chrome?
H: Yeah, I like to think it picks up from when I left Chrome, only 15 years later.

T: What possessed you to do Dark Matter? Where you seeing flying saucers or just a change from what you've been doing?
H: No, someone at a record company, who'll remain nameless, convinced me to record an ambient disk, because at the time ambient stuff was doing quite well. And I take a long time doing anything, and I go "I'll see what I could do" and it turned out not very ambient at all and it probably sold to most of the Helios people anyway and I don't think any of the ambient people were turned on to it at all.

T: I enjoyed it a lot, I thought the title track had a lot of the stylings of Chrome. But the "Carol of the Bells" kept giving me images of an old android, I mean Andre Cold Duck commercial from when I was a kid.
H: HA - Yeah, we threw that on there for the hell of it.

T: The timing is so good for the release.
H: Yeah, Christmas and stuff. I put the space keyboards on that, but all the music credit on that track go to Chris McKay (bass player of Helios Creed).

T: Maybe you should talk to your record company and get some holiday packaging or promotion on that.
H: Not likely.

T: Anyhow, I heard you had done some projects with the Butthole Surfers.
H: I did two projects. Do you remember Independent Worm Saloon?

T: Yeah.
H: I did bits on "Clean It Up" and the "Annoying Song". Of course they didn't call me to play on their hit album.

T: Well, that's how it goes. What was the other project?
H: After Jeff quite the band, he came over and played bass on the new Helios record album.

T: Which one, Cosmic Assault?
H: Yeah, there's actually going to be two. One's called Nug, the Transport and I'm not sure of the other one. Cosmic Assault was quite a while ago. Actually, that was 3 years ago.

T: Was it really?
H: Yeah, Brian (@ Cleopatra) held on to it for a year before he released it. I don't know why, but he did.

T: So, tell me about the Buttholes. Do they really do 15 bong hits for breakfast?
H: Hmmm, I know every time I was with them we were always looking for pot. They smoke as much as I do, but I never had been around them for breakfast, except Jeff and me had the best Californian Humbolt stuff. And he can keep up with the best of smokers. Well, last time Gibby was in town I gave him a bag and he seemed happy about that.

T: So the stories ar true?
H: Yeah, the only one who isn't the big pot smoker, it would be King.

T: What did you think of Cleopatra's Chrome box?
H: I'm happy about everything but them leaving out a couple of songs from Half Machine Lip Moves and Alien Soundtracks. But you can always get that on Touch and Go. It's (the box) very beautiful and you get nice stuff with it....sticker and poster.

T: I like the images in the book from the video "Meet You In The Subway". Were you guys into a Clockwork Orange thing when you did that?
H: That was Damen's idea. He said "Let's all dress up like Clockwork Orange". At that time he thought some band should do that. So we did it and it was just me and him. It was before we got together with John and Hillary.

T: This was back in the post-Spain and Lambdin days, wasn't it?
H: Yeah. I've been looking for those two guys and they're really hard to find. I'd really like to find Gary Spain, Chrome's first bass player/violin player.

T: Yeah, I really dug the violin playing on "Slip it to the Android". Was there really a John L. Cyborg?
H: Actually, when John Lambdin quit the band we didn't want to create a gap, so we did this program thing we called John L. Cyborg - a machine.

T: I remember hearing something about getting back with Damen before he died, but he didn't want to do it in person, he wanted to do it through the mail. Would you still do it?
H: You mean if Damen was still alive?

T: No, I mean like a record company, like Cleopatra, had access to some DAT tapes and gave them to you to finish.
H: Oh, sure. What I didn't want to do was Damen to have my tapes and manipulate them. But I'd take his tapes and manipulate them.

T: Was that like a power struggle?
H: No, if he was still alive what I wanted to do was us both to go into the same studio and make a record like the old days, but that could never happen. But Brian (@ Cleopatra) said he had some tapes of Damen and if I eventually get them I'll throw them in on the new Chrome album I'm working on.

T: Wow! I'm pretty excited about that. Well, The Beatles got away with a reunion like that.
H: Yeah, but I'm sure they made a lot more money.

T: They have a bigger fan base! What do you think of some of the covers bands have done of Third From the Sun? I have a disc of this really bad German metal band called No Yes No you might have played on.
H: I don't know why I did that. I think I was just drunk. I was somewhere in Germany. I was drunk and had some spare time. There was a studio next door and these guys wanted to know if I'd sing one of my songs that they wanted to cover. I said, "Yeah, what the fuck".

T: What do you think of Prong's cover back in the 80's?
H: Pretty bizarre, the way the song sounded to me - too heavy metal!

T: Well, they were a metal band.
H: And they made a hit out of it and I guess I was unhappy about it because I like my version much better. I wish ours would have gotten more notice. They were cool to put the credits on there.

T: Did you get any money for that?
H: Well actually, I was living in a bus at the time and some lady was looking for me and I wish she did. No, I never did get any money. I ran into Prong's old bass player (Raven?) and he said he wanted to do something more like I was doing and I said, "What, suffer? Be in an original cult band and live on a bus?"

T: Where was the bus? What state?
H: San Fransisco.

T: Did it have electricity?
H: Yeah, it had a TV, refrigerator, kitchen, sink, bathroom, shower, bed, stereo, VCR.

T: Was it driveable?
H: Yeah, I took it on tour. But it was old and could only go 65mph and it leaked.

T: I guess you were a big fan of the Partridge family as a kid.
H: Actually, it was exactly like that bus, but it was painted blue.

T: Any plans of a tour this year?
H: Hopefully this spring. We'll tour with Farflung opening up as a space-rock band, which has members of Pressurehead in it.

T: Tell me about any UFO sightings you may have had?
H: I've had 3 sightings. The most major one was at Maui, Hawaii. I was sitting on a hill with a friend. We both looked up and saw one hovering over our heads, it was more than 40 or 50 feet over our heads. Then our mouths dropped to our chests.

T: What did it look like?
H: It was your typical flying saucer, round, had 3 lights on the bottom. It was silver and it glowed. The technology was way advanced. It seemed beyond 3 dimensions. Like, I was seeing it from here and from somewhere else. I don't know how to describe it. It had some kind of weird super energy. It affected my psyche, for a while after the experience I could read the minds of people around me. Then it just went away.

T: What about your friend, was he affected?
H: He seemed to think he had two way communication, like he was reading their minds and they were like telling us all kinds of shit. It was like they flashed the whole book of revelations in his head in 3 seconds. I told him, "yeah they told some big story too!'

T: Any sightings out in California by you?
H: I had just ran into someone the other day who told me about three sightings. But for me, myself it's been a long time. Of course all these things spark my imagination. I have always written songs which had to do with extraterrestrial life.

T: Do you think they're from other planets or dimensions?
H: Both. There's all kinds of things going on and we are just finding out about as humans what's going on. Who's to say we're doing such a bad job with the planet we might loose it right from under our feet. There could be a race of beings ready to take it over. If we're not going to take care of it some-body else might be waiting for the chance.

T: Yeah, they could treat us the way the whites treated the natives.
H: There's all kinds of shit going on. But my experience on Maui was totally positive and they were here to help. And I've only read about bad things. Everything I've heard first hand were mysterious and positive.

T: Any Goatsucker activity in Northern Cali?
H: Goatsucker, what's that?

T: Something that's like a cross between a Grey alien, and a kangaroo, and it has scales. Farmers in Puerto Rico have had livestock killed by it.
H: Is it animal or intelligent?

T: Both, and from accounts I've read it's made its way to Central America and Mexico so in a few months it might be up in you neck of the woods.
H: Where did you hear about it?

T: Weekly World News.
H: I read that! You'd be surprised how much stuff in the WWN is accurate. A lot of the Nostrodamus predictions they throw in there are true. I have all these Nostrodamus books and follow up on that stuff.

T: Well, according to them we're supposed to get invaded by aliens on November 27th, which is also my birthday.
H: Yeah, I read that one, they're supposed to take over the planet, right?

T: Yeah!
H: You read the same shit I read! That's the only interesting thing you can buy in a grocery store these days.

T: I'm tired still reading about O.J. You still see at least one headline a week about him in the other tabloids.
H: Yeah, he's boring.(pause) Somebody should kill that guy! I'd feel more justified, I don't know why anyone didn't yet. You know what I heard?

T: No what, that he's an idiot?
H: No, I read in one of these magazines that he went over there just to slash her tires. That was all he was going to do. But then he saw them and went haywire.

T: That's what happens when jocks play with knives.