Willie Nelson and HELIOS CREED?!?!? So what is it that they have in common you ask? Well we could point out a few things - for one they're both musicians, they both share a love of God's Green Herb, and they sure both have been "on the road again" in many instances, but in this case I'm talking about a 1990 TV movie called "Pair of Aces." Yes, Helios as well as Z Sylver were in a scene in the movie, that featured Willie Nelson... and Kris Kristofferson pops in eventually too! Pretty darn cool...... Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson pull up to a place that may resemble a venue that you had seen Helios play in back in the day, but inside, it's a big biker pool bar..... and the music sounds a bit like the Meat Puppets to me.... although I could be wrong about that. Here's the actual synopsis to the movie as it appears on imdb.com:

"A Texas Ranger has to protect his two daughters as he investigates a serial killer who is attacking cheerleaders. Meanwhile he finds himself working with a safe cracker who claims to be innocent of the charges filed against him."

You can clearly spot Helios and Z in the scenes, but here's some screen-shots to help you out before you check out the actual scene itself:

Check Out The Whole Scene Here:

Hear Comments From Helios About The Movie Here:

Some Other Comments From Helios About The Movie:

"Another bad Kris and Willie movie Ha. I still laugh when I look at this. This is me in Bastrop County, Austin, Texas. I was the bad drug dealer in a biker bar. We were all going to KILL Willie. Then Kris Kristoffson comes in with a shotgun and saves Willie. Ha!