Tidal Forces (No Humans Allowed Pt. II)
Label: Man’s Ruin Records
Released: 1998

No Humans Allowed Pt. II (The Night)
A Parallel Washing (Air & Water)
The Ring of Fire (Fire & Earth)
Descent Into Lower Worlds (Level 1,2 & 3)
Dragon Slayer
The Ring of Fire – Reprise (A Higher Flame)
Bring ‘Em Back
Mountain In The Middle
Fudge Bunny (The Day)
The Fate

With No Humans Allowed II in the title, I can see how this falls into the Chrome sound. This record was released shortly before the big Chrome reunion tour in 98'. Dragon Slayer is just a great hard space rocker with really trippy synth from Tommy L. Cyborg and fuzzed to the max guitar from Helios. Tommy is actually Tommy Grenas from Farflung and his synthesizer work fits really nicely with this Chrome record. Mountain In The Middle is another favorite on here, again with great synths from Tommy and Helios guitar sounds. Hilary and John Stench join in again to provide a great rhythm section.

Helios Creed – guitar, vocals, samples, bass
John Stench – drums, backwards percussion
Hilary Stench – bass
Tommy L. Cyborg – synths
Nova Cain – guitar
Paul Della Pelle – drums