Monster Lust
Superior Catholic Finger
Too Bad
Who Cares

Monster Lust

I see you walking down the street
I see you coming my way
Sexy legs
You’re just a tease
Monster Lust
I see you coming my way
I seen you come under the sheets
You’re not a tease

Superior Catholic Finger

In a superior Catholic way
The funeral is to be that day
Three days after you die
From your hands I’ll see you fly
The superior Catholic finger

In a graveyard after night
Paying for sins just to set things right
But that dirty little thing on your hand
God only knows where it’s been
The superior Catholic Finger

On a trigger or around your throat
Holding a pencil or making a vote
Rubbing industrial fumes from his eyes
From the grave the resurrected fly
The superior Catholic finger


Too Bad

Well Ma and Pa told me
Life is a drag
A prophet said long ago
That’s just too bad

The sky was complaining
That life was a drag
Cause man learned long ago
How to paint the sky red


Who Cares

He was walking down the street
With the answer in his hand
But no one seemed to notice
No one seemed to care
Who cares anyway
It was silver and gold
And very old
And made a noise that was very cold



Waiting for the weekend
Another fucking week
Waiting for your smile and you still
Your house is only another mile
What am I to do
Waiting for your weekend still