I had transcribed the massive in-depth interview with Butthole Surfers drummer Teresa Taylor - the book features various snippets from the interview, and Psych Trail Mix - Issue #9 (Butthole Surfers Special) features the FULL, fascinating uncut interview with Teresa. The Butthole Surfers were one of the wildest, most psychedelic bands ever... Wild acid-fried Texans who lived like nomads with brutal touring schedules on the road for years upon years at a time. Their lead singer, the 6 foot 7 Gibby Haynes would often use a megaphone on-stage and a giant effects box to warp his vocals on-the-fly. Paul Leary was an INCREDIBLE psychedelic guitarist with a unique style that has not been matched. They'd often feature dual stand-up drummers and employ pyrotechnics and a naked dancer during their live shows. James Burns' book is a massive tome, covering the full story of the band in great detail - AND it's in COLOR, featuring some absolutely mind-blowing exclusive photos of the band. The back of the book includes an insanely extensive discography that even includes details on each and every song, not to mention an exhaustive live shows list. If you're a Butthole Surfers fan, this is MUST have stuff. HIGHLY recommend from myself here at the PTM compound.

There's a full-page ad for Psych Trail Mix - Issue #9 (Butthole Surfers Special) in the book: