HELIOS CREED NEWS No. 7 December 16, 2004

Hello! I have lots of news!! First – Helios got himself all moved into his new place and he is loving it!! One fan, Thomas Mansfield, came to the
rescue and was able to help Helios move at least one room full of equipment to the new place. Thank you Thomas!!

Plans for Helios’ trip to the Austin area have now been confirmed. I am arranging auditions for January 14 in Austin at Jerry Page’s studio. Helios is looking for serious, experienced musicians to go on tour with him in the spring. If you are a musician and are interested, please contact me (and include your qualifications) at cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com , or if you know of any great musicians, guide them our way!

I would like to extend an invitation to all of you who receive this newsletter, to attend a private party for Helios, on January 15th in
Bastrop County, Texas. Exact directions and the location will be given in the invitations I will be mailing. If you are interested in attending,
please contact me with your mailing address. You may bring friends with you, but the host of the party has asked that only one car per invitation be admitted at the gate (the party is on a 300 acre property, lakeside). It will be a no frills thing - bring your own cooler full of supplies, grill, etc. I hope to be able to offer coffee/hot chocolate. We will have a nice big bonfire and an outdoor stage for Helios and his friends to jam! If you’ve never met Helios and/or if you want to hang out with him, now is the time to start planning that road trip.........

Helios Creed and an all-star line-up play Room 710 in Austin on January 21st! Jeff Pinkus (Honky, Butthole Surfers) on bass, Paul Delle Pella on drums, Fabienne Shine (Chrome, Shaken Street) on vocals and Jerry Page (Central Services, Crust) on keyboards and second guitar, will all grace the stage with Helios. Tommy Victor (Prong) has also mentioned he could possibly make an appearance that night!

If it is raining on the 15th, the party will be moved to the 22nd. Sorry there is a week between the party and the show for you outta-towners, but that’s how the cookie crumbles as “they” say (who is “they”???). For those who miss all of the festivities in January, I am talking with others about creating a DVD to memorialize everything. Look for that in the upcoming months!

For the rest of January, Helios plans to begin recording his solo and Chrome CD’s.

From Helios:

I am looking forward to partying with you all! I hope you can get off work and come party for a week! Tomorrow, the 17th of Dec., I am jamming with Honky in Lawrence, Kansas at the Jackpot. I will be playing guitar on “Smokin Weed with Helios Creed” and a couple of other songs. I hope to see you there if you’re in the area.

I am working on a new Chrome CD and am in the middle of a new Helios Creed CD. My health is looking better - I am feeling better. I hope everybody had a good new year in 2005! Helios Creed signing out........

From Krazee Cyn:

“Inferior Plastic Finger,” a live, mastered “bootleg” from the 2003 tour show in Atlanta, is ready and for sale through me. For $17.00 you get the CD with cover art by Toxic Tommy and a 2003 tour t-shirt. Shipping and handling are extra ($4.50 US, 7.50 out of U.S.). Please specify your t-shirt size. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the 2005 spring tour! (If you already have a t-shirt, I can sell you just the CD). I also have “On Tour 1999" and “On the Darkside of the Sun” in stock right now. They are available for $12.50 plus shipping and handling ($3.00 US, 6.00 out of US). I accept PayPal at cynthiaobrien@hotmail.com, or you can mail a check or money order to me at Cynthia O’Brien, 174 Kellar Road, Smithville, TX 78957.

Love and Peace,

Helios Creed and KraZeE CyN