Date: September 30, 2008
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: M Room

This tour was penned the Dual Forces: Chrome and Helios Creed tour, the best of both worlds! There was lots of speculation as to whether or not this tour would go on, a few bumps in the road and things, but it did! I would finally be able to see Helios play in my area now that I was 21 and old enough to get into the venues! I was so psyched for this tour and this show sure lived up to the hype and more! The guys put on an amazing performance and the club had incredible sound! Helios was in a great mood, giving us some history of the old days, how certain sounds were invented and things. The guys did their little "costume change" mid-set after the Helios solo stuff (first time I get to hear one of my favorite songs "Who Cares" live!!!) and launch into the swirling Chrome set! Amazing for me to hear these Chrome songs LIVE for the first time and of course Helios pulls them off live amazingly! There's even a Led Zeppelin jam at the end! Quite a unique show with lots of charm! The next 2 days I'd take off work and travel to NYC and Baltimore for the following nights shows! Check out the pics from the show below and the awesome setlist!

Submitted By: Me (Brent Marley)
Photographs By: Amanda Smith


Some Way Out
The Dream
The Diplomat
The Descent
Monster Lust
Who Cares
TV As Eyes
March Of The Chrome Police
Chromosome Damage
In A Dream
Abstract Nympho
Meet You In The Subway
3rd From The Sun
Darkside Of The Sun/Sweet Leaf
Communication Breakdown