Mountain Mystery
Malavia Millenium
The Federation
Kiss To The Brain - Part 1

Kiss To The Brain - Part 2
Throw Away The Rind


God it’s great to be alive
It’s not a stupid drug
It don’t fuck my brain
Been around since you been alive
Been hidden away by little minds


Mountain Mystery

This trains going up that mountain
This train leaves on time
Magic mountain mystery
Through a tunnel
Across the bridge
Cowboys and Indians
Around the ridge
Around the bend
Alien Being
They are not men
This train takes no back sliders


Malavia Millenium

It’s a new millennium
There’s no time to be felt
An android named malavia
Is there to be helped
His name is cyborg sam
And he’s got a lot to do
He’s living in a dungeon
Shacked up with cyborg sue
Same and sue were walking
In the park one day
Saw an android named malavia
And then began to play


The Federation

We are the federation
Looking on your planet
Coming through the clouds
Coming to your town


Kiss To The Brain – Part 1

I rise from a dusty grave
Deep under ground
Casties, horses, broken toys
And a moidy sound
Drawn by sirens of the deep
Through a dusty ear
Drawn by sirens of the deep
I began to hear


Kiss To The Brain – Part 2

This is a kiss to the brain
Traveling through space
It has no end or beginning
A warp in time
Flying through a vacuum
Time to crack the sky
My mother took my diaper
And begged me not to cry
This is where you get your ticket
Time to get the train
Your mind is floating through a cloud
This is a kiss to the brain


Throw Away The Rind

Don’t look the other way
Or you just might have to die
Before they round us up
Whats coming from the sky
We have to make a stand
Ya know we better to try
Going out of control
I gotta shake my brain
And dance away this pain
Eat all the fruit
And throw away the rind
And live like kings
On whatever we find
I gotta shake my brain
And dance away this pain
Come on little sister
Going out of control



You are the water
You are the dream
Under the ocean
Under the sea
Near a shipwreck


Super sexy elastic strips
I love the way your body drips
Looking up at infinity
I want your legs all over me
Ankle straps buckled tight
Six inch heels, getting high
Smell the leather, taste the whip
Feel your master start to trip