I was honored to be interviewed by the legendary "Girl George," who has also been called "the queen of the underground." Girl George hit the scene in the mid 60's in San Francisco at age 16 with a fake id to get into the clubs.. She picked up a guitar around 21 and played coffee houses and galleries in SF. She has rubbed shoulders with Kris Kristofferson and Joan Baez, hung out with the Hell's Angels and Hunter S. Thompson.... the list goes on, Girl George has gotten AROUND to say the least! She even produced her own variety TV show hosted from the Mabuhay Gardens punk club in San Francisco in the late 70's - go check out the various bands that she has hosted there including the great BLUE CHEER - there's a great moment with Girl George interviewing the late Dickie Peterson who is clearly hitting on her! 

I was flattered that she would want to interview me about Psych Trail Mix. It was a load of fun, check out the interview below - took place on October 27, 2013