Q & A with Helios Creed and Damon Edge Of Chrome
Psych Trail Mix Issue #1
Winter 2008

Chrome hailed from San Francisco in the late 70's and early 80's and were considered one of the first "industrial" bands. Industrial is a term that is thrown around lightly these days. Inspired heavily by the early punk scene, Chrome made punk psychedelic. They were too weird for the punks at first, Chrome were outcasts among the so called outcasts. It took a while for the punks to get it, when they did though, they started buying Chrome records like crazy. The following is an exclusive dialogue between the 2 founding members of Chrome, Helios Creed and Damon Edge circa late '76/early '77 courtesy of the "lost tapes" recorded on a cheap portable tape recorder that Helios Creed used to record conversations and weird noises and things outside.

D- You want to know what I think?
H- No, but go ahead anyway.
D-Well you said the other day maybe he'll change. John, you know... get it together.
H- Yeah, what about it?
D- I don't think people change, once they're fucked up, they'll always be fucked up.
H- I don't know if I agree with you on that one. I think people are constantly changing.
D- Yeah, but do they really get better?
H- Maybe you got a point there, I know you're not getting any better hehe
D- Fuck you.
H- Hey Damon, how do you think all this shit got there? You know, us and the universe.
D- The Big Bang.
H- The big what?
D- The Big Bang.
H- Yeah I might of heard about it on TV or something.
D- The whole universe came from like this Big Bang; just everything exploded out and kept going from the center of like the universe.
H- Yeah I like that one, I could use a big bang right now.
D- Where's Donna?
H- Who the fuck knows.
D- Man, I couldn't live like that.
H- Thanks, that makes me feel so much better.
D- Hey, let's go to the arcade and take in a little pinball.
H- Yeah they got this new video game called Asteroid, I like it.

D- You really dig this one?
H- Yeah try it. (5 hours later still playing)
D- Well, I better get going. Amies going to be pissed, let's go.
H- Hey, what are we going to call the record anyway?
D- Howbout "Alien Soundtracks?" Or what about "Ultra Soundtracks?"
H- I like Alien Soundtracks better.
D- Yeah, me too...

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