Helios Creed
Cosmic Assault
Label: Cleopatra Records
Released: 1995

I Condemn You
The Master
Cosmic Assault
Leaving The Body
The Need

Eden’s Apple
No Peeking
Altered States
Military Presence

Helios moves over to Cleopatra records for this release. This is a different kind of Helios recording. During a live show in 1995 Helios calls it a "dance album," I don't know about that, but you judge for yourself! Helios vocals are extremely distorted in most of these tracks, very much under the wall of noise. Leaving the Body is actually quite a beautiful song, Helios lyrics are easy to make out on this one, about the only song that this case is true. Paul Della Pelle is credited with drums, but much of this sounds like the work of a drum machine. There's actually a few songs that are just really lovely sort of instrumental tracks, Altered States comes to mind.

Helios Creed - guitars, vocals, bass, drum samples
Paul Della Pelle - drums
Z Sylver - synths, samples
Chris McKay – bass